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TRIC Sells All Remaining Property At Center

Mustang Ranch Brothel Owner, TRIC Marketing Manager, and Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman alluded to “a major deal in the works” during recent Commissioner Meetings. Gilman announced today that all remaining available property owned by TRIC has been sold.

Gilman announced yesterday that TRIC has sold the remaining 74,000 acres of available property most of it to a tech company who put down cash to purchase 64,000 acres last week. Blockhchains, LLC, currently headquartered in Canoga Park, has purchased the majority of the remaining open space and will most likely build a large facility on the expansive swath of desert.

“And while they have not announced their specific plans for the land, I suspect that they will be building a large facility on one large site in Comstock Meadows along USA Parkway/Infinity Highway, very near the Google site, and adjacent to the Reno Land Tech Park,” Gilman said in a statement. “They purchased all our remaining developable land which has superb facility site possibilities.”

104,000 Acres Sold in 17 Years

Roger Norman and Lance Gilman purchased the 104,000-acre property in 2001. Since then they have built a world-class business park that houses some of the top names in technology. Tesla, Switch, and Google all have purchased land in the park and the growth is really starting to take off. With this purchase, Blockchains will own 62% of the land.

Investors and Developers have also purchased land at TRIC, completing the sellout. As Blockchains begins to recruit people to move to Northern Nevada, further expansion in the region is underway.

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