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Sunday Word of the Day – Profit

In our second Sunday word of the Day essay, we chose the word Profit.

noun a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something: pretax profits |his eyes brightened at the prospect of profit.advantage; benefit: there’s no profit in screaming at referees from the bench.

verb (profits, profiting, profited) [no object] obtain a financial advantage or benefit, especially from an investment: the only people to profit from the entire episode were the lawyers.obtain an advantage or benefit: not all children would profit from this kind of schooling.[with object] be beneficial to: it would profit us to change our plans.

Brothel resident, TRIC Project Manager, Storey County Planning Commissioner and Lance Gilman bunkmate Kris Thompson used the word of the day in reference to tax revenue generated by companies at TRIC. He posted his comments on Jack McGuffey’s “irrelevant” VCH chat group which you can read here and here.

As I read Kris Thompson say this, the pinball machine I was playing went tilt.

Mr. Thompson’s statement is mind-blowing on many levels.

First and foremost is reveals the mindset of Mr. Thompson’s cabal; The Band of Merry TRICsters. These fools consider the tax revenue generated by companies inside the “Largest Industrial Park In The World” is profit to be used to benefit the park.

This notion comes as no surprise when you consider the self-serving actions displayed by Brothel Owner, TRIC Sales and Marketing Manager, TRIC Shareholder and Storey County Commissioner, Lance “The Magnificent” Gilman. When you look at how Storey County has conducted business since Gilman’s election in 2012 and before, Storey County taxes serve the interests of TRIC every time you turn around.

Under the watchful eye of Commissioner Gilman we have given away the farm:

  • We gave them a freeway interchange in Washoe County
  • We gave them a railhead to help load and unload TRIC businesses.
  • We gave them our portion of USA Parkway so they could turn around and sell it to NDOT for $43 million dollars.
  • We give them land every time we turn around at Commissioner Meetings with zero financial consideration.
  • We are about to give them $35 million to transport fecal material for an effluent pipeline so they can sell water to their client base.

Theses gifts (developer expenses) are paid for with Storey County “profit” (tax revenue) generated from TRIC. Gleefully, inside the world headquarters of The Band Of Merry TRICsters, spending this “profit” is sport. In reality, their profit is actually tax revenue that would otherwise be deposited into our general fund to, for example, pay for the bridge that has been washed out for nearly a year in Lockwood or the Community Center in the Highlands.

The Band Of Merry TRICsters view our tax revenue as their rightful property.

Yes, Virginia, Taxation is theft.

If I stole all your money at gunpoint and gave every cent I stole from you to a starving homeless child, it would still be theft.

Yet Storey County takes your money at the point of a gun (yes, you will be arrested and caged if you don’t pay your taxes, ask Wesley Snipes). Storey County then takes our cash and pays themselves killer salaries, retirement and health benefits and then decides how much of what’s left of the “profit” they will share with The Band Of Merry TRICsters. Everyone cheerfully opens up their wallet and lets them in.  After all, who will fix our roads?

Taxes come from our hard earned money. From working stiffs and billion dollar corporations alike.

When our elected and appointed government officials treat our tax revenue as profit, it’s time for a revolution.

Once again, Taxes are not Profit.

Our revolution will not be fought on the streets of Concord or Lexington.

In Storey County, our Revolution will be fought at the ballot box. June and November 2018.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Now that you mention taxes, has Mr. Thompson ever paid the quarter million or so he owes to the state of California? Why should he be allowed to represent Storey County in any capacity?

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