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Dave Greninger – A life celebrated

Family, friends and neighbors gathered today to celebrate the life of Dave Greninger who passed earlier this month to cancer. A wonderful eulogy was delivered by his brother Roger who shared stories of Dave’s journey through life.

Dave and Roger were business partners on several occasions, selling automotive repair shop equipment and again selling Big O Tires. Roger shared Dave’s penchant for always working and always working for himself as an entrepreneur. Even when he was “retired” up here on the Comstock, he couldn’t sit still and started the Kettle Corn operation that made him and Breck a fixture on C Street.

I met Dave for the first time about six months ago and was taken by his warm smile and happy disposition. When I started The Teller, Dave was one of the first to chime in and his words gave me the encouragement I needed to know this would be a thing.

Dave’s broad smile touched many people on the hill; it’s warmth will be sorely missed on the main drag in V.C.

On the wings of a dove, fly high evermore.

Nicole Barde for Storey County Commissioner

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