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Subdivision for Geiger Grade Approved

We realize this is old news as the article is from February 6th, but the Reno Gazette Journal reported that Washoe County Planning Commission approved a 56 house subdivision on Geiger Grade. “The Washoe County Planning Commission unanimously approved the tentative map for a new residential development southeast of Reno …

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Because 19.9 Trillion just isn’t enough.

 A funny thing happened While we were sleeping the other night. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin urged Congress to raise the debt limit as soon as possible to avoid a potential federal government default. Former Goldman-Sachs executive (a.k.a. drained swamp monster) and freshly minted Treasury Secretary wrote Paul Ryan a …

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Airport Noise and the Myth of Zero-Sum Economics

I recently gave and graded a midterm exam on the application of economics to law. On one problem a number of students made the same interesting mistake, interesting for two reasons. It illustrates one of the ways in which it is easy to misunderstand economic ideas. And it points to …

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Reason #2 to Retain Sheriff Antinoro

Reasons to Retain our Sheriff #2 “Vote “NO” to demonstrate to the King of TRIC who likely funded this recall that in spite of his money, nodding bobble headed other County Commissioners, and the constant slurs & misrepresentations of his multiple convicted DUI disbarred henchman that not everyone in this …

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CCW Bill hits Committee Wednesday, March 16th

GUN RIGHTS ALERT from the NEVADA FIREARMS COALITION YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED! Hearing Scheduled Wednesday, March 15th Assembly Judiciary  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE  CLICK HERE TO POST YOUR OPINION ON-LINE AT: Assembly Bill 118  (click here to read the text) According to Nevada law, a person …

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“Logan” Eviscerates War and Demographic Planning

When we first see Hugh Jackman in the new film Logan, his character is hungover and hobbling: a shambolic shadow of his former self, the slashing super-hero Jackman has played in seven films over seventeen years. The Wolverine we have come to know is vigorous and invincible. Now he is …

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