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Storey County Sheriff Incident Report February 27-March 5

FEBRUARY 27, 2017

01:32 Citizen Assist – SR 341/SR 342, Silver City. Subject stuck on Jumbo Grade.

02:34 ALARM BURG/PANIC/VEHICLE – Laborers Training Center on Wild Horse Canyon Dr, McCarran. Training SE door 1 hit. Voice mail left with responsible party. False Alarm.

05:06 Assist Other Agency – I80/MM22. Eastbound semi possibly throwing sparks.

07:31 Water Leak – Waltham, McCarran. West of power plant. Building with solar panels. Water coming out front of building washing away rail road track. RP on scene. CK Union Pacific pick up.

12:03 911 HANG-UP – Female stating male subject being very violent. Call lost. Unfounded.

18:18 Medical Call – Chewy.com on Milan Dr, McCarran. 45-year-old female. Chest pain. Assisted Fire Dept.

20:57 Intoxicated Person/Pedestrian – Officer initiated at Bonanza Casino, N. C. St, VC. Possible intoxicated subject. Assisted as needed.

22:12 Medical Call – Mustang Ranch on Wild Horse Canyon Dr, McCarran. 68-year-old male. Possible stroke. Assisted Fire Dept.

FEBRUARY 28, 2017

02:24 Suspicious vehicle/person/incident – Officer initiated at E St, VC. Vehicle parked crooked. Property checks ok.

06:27 Medical Call – Tesla on Electric Ave, McCarran. 3rd floor, D area. Male, multiple seizures. Someone will meet at the north gate. Disposition: Medical transport.

07:47 Suspicious vehicle/person/incident – Sutro Springs Rd, Mark Twain. Male claiming to be private investigator. Claims to have spoken to female at residence. She denies this. Subject claims he will be staying in the area until tomorrow. Driving silver SUV.

13:04 Suicide: Attempt/Threats – Fandango Pass Rd, VC Highlands. Possible suicidal subject. Customer of RP with Bi-State. Subject kicked the service man off the property this morning. Has called the office approximately 30 times today. Stated she was going to roll her propane tanks down the hill. Also stated she kicked her husband out of the house last night and was going to kill herself. No means available.

18:04 Suspicious vehicle/person/incident – Tesla on Electric Ave, McCarran. People approximately 30 yards on the property line. Approximately four people handing out flyers. Closest to the north gate. Security will meet at north gate. Assisted as needed.

23:32 ALARM BURG/PANIC/VEHICLE – PPG Paint on Ireland Dr, McCarran. Comm intrusion. Two hits. North Mand #3. Northeast warehouse motion. Messages left for responsible party. False alarm.

MARCH 1, 2017

07:07 ALARM BURG/PANIC/VEHICLE – S C St, VC. One hit. Rear door. Pending responsible party response. False alarm.

09:57 Medical Call – Willie Wy, Mark Twain. 74-year-old male. Breathing and alert. Chest pain. Shortness of breath. History of stroke 10 years ago. Patient took Aleve PM and aspirin. Referred to other agency.

13:41 ALARM BURG/PANIC/VEHICLE – Commscope on Waltham, McCarran. Burglar alarm. Zone 6 audible alarm. Two hits. No responsible contact. Action taken.

14:04 Dog call: not other animals – S Main/Greiners Bend, Silver City. Large white shaggy dog. No collar. In middle of roadway running alongside cars toward Silver City.

17:13 Any civil problem – Elizabeth Ln, Mark Twain. Go Fund Me page violating custody agreement information. Wants to make a report.

20:11 Shots Fired – Prospector Rd/Sam Clemens Av, Mark Twain. Check for approximately 5 to10 possible shots.

22:38 All fire: other than wildlands – Empire Rd, VC Highlands. Check for possible electric fire. Strong smell coming from basement.

MARCH 2, 2017

08:18 Abandoned Vehicle – Waltham, McCarran. RP wants to report abandoned vehicle in the area.

09:24 Theft/Embezzlement – Officer initiated at Tesla, Electric Ave, McCarran. Report taken.

09:35 Harassment/threats (non-domestic) – U.S. Post Office on S C St, VC. Customer throwing items. Postmaster is yelling as well.

14:43 Harassment/threats (non-domestic) – Rue De La Mauve, Lockwood. RP would like to speak with deputy regarding neighbor throwing items at her residence.

19:09 Medical Call – Avenue De La Couleurs, Lockwood. COPD, 78-year-old. Awake.

MARCH 3, 2017

05:06 Accident: Injuries/Fatal – Tesla on Electric Ave, McCarran. Third party report- 10-57, vehicle versus pedestrian. Employee hit in the parking lot. Mobile 1 will meet responders at north gate. Patient located in security office.

12:57 Any civil problem – Officer initiated at US Ordinance, Sydney, Mccarran. Keep the peace.

16:33 Suspicious vehicle/person/incident – Prospector Rd, Mark Twain. RP would like to speak with deputy regarding a 10-37 subject at the bus stop today and yesterday.

23:39 Business Check – Officer initiated at Ponderosa Saloon, S C St, VC. Property checks ok.

MARCH 4, 2017

18:06 Citizen assist – Officer initiated at Sr 341/N County Line, VC Highlands. Out with vehicle with small children. Flat tire.

18:20 ALARM BURG/PANIC/VEHICLE – Thrive Market on Milan Dr, McCarran. One hit, zone 44, south warehouse, motion. No responsible responding.

20:54 Burglary – S I, VC. Residential burglary. Past tense. Unknown time. RP will be in a brown jacket and cowboy hat. No further information.

23:48 Suspicious vehicle/person/incident – Mark Twain Saloon on S C St, VC. Suspect acting erratically.

MARCH 5, 2017

02:46 Suspicious vehicle/person/incident – Empire Rd, VC Highlands. Third party RP reports an electrician acting aggressive around his property and family. Verbal only.

02:53 Citizen assist – St Mary’s Art Center on R St, VC. RP states vehicle is stuck in the snow. Subject are stuck in the middle of the road. Vehicle is a 2016 Honda Civic. Vehicle had chains but they have come off.

09:28 Citizen assist – Sr 341/LOUSETOWN, VC Highlands. Blocking lanes of travel. Silver pick up. Two occupants. Gone on arrival.

12:12 Lost/Found Property – Person – Vccta on S C St, VC. Lost iPhone/wallet combination.

12:28 Citizen assist – First Presbyterian Church on S C St, VC. RP called in regards to a male subject possibly located at the sheriff’s office. Subject needs assistance with gas money. RP was advised by Pastor. Unknown who male subject is. No description available. Per RP, they do have assistance if needed. Gone on arrival.

12:53 ALARM BURG/PANIC/VEHICLE – Bonanza Casino on N C St, VC. One hit. Kitchen entry door. Unable to reach responsible party. Also contacted Delta.

18:33 Suspicious vehicle/person/incident – Bucket Of Blood on S C St., VC. Subject is intoxicated. May be suicidal. Subject is older gentleman with gray hair, black jacket, light blue jeans.

22:22 Accident: Injuries/Fatal – Golden Gate Gas Station on USA Pkwy, McCarran. Two semis hit each other. Negative injuries. Negative fluids. Not impeding traffic.


Alarm: Burglar/Fire/Panic: 1

Citizen assist/welfare check/keep the peace: 2

Jail/Inmate related incident: 1

Medical Call: 1

Property/Business/School Check: 22

Public Service Ride: 1

Service Attempt: 5

Traffic Stop: 15

VIN inspection/verification: 1

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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