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Nicole Barde for County Commissioner

Papers Collide

Papers Collide

As if we needed another illustration of the mob-GOB-sters* flexing their Jackboot of Tyranny to crush the larynx of free speech in Storey County, Pat Whitten gleefully announced that The (unreadable) Virginia City News and The (cheerleaders of Team Gilman and Team CMI) Comstock Chronicle have joined farces.

A combined paper will emerge from the rubble on March 3rd.

With this merger, the second to last chapter of the Team Storey Kampf has been written. 

The only thing standing in the way of Team Gilman’s Final Solution is the ouster of twice elected Sheriff Antinoro.

News of the “newspaper” merger should give all Lovers of Liberty in Storey County and the Free World shudders of terror, delivered by Taser.

Think about it for a minute.

Our Founding Fathers considered a robust, yeoman Free Press essential to the business of government; the fourth pillar. Stalwart journalists should wade fearless through the slop-trough of flowery praise and jovial back-patting that is a joyful accompaniment at nearly every bi-weekly Team Storey slap-fest (aka County Commissioner Meeting).

Stalwart journalists ask not just tough questions but even tougher follow-up questions. 

With fearless (yeo)men and women on the job, our Forbearers knew the type of behavior on display at Team Storey love-ins would forever be on the defensive and eventually die a well deserved death.

Sadly, all we can expect to hear are pom-poms loudly rustling…

* as El Rush-bo would say, “For those of you in Rio Linda, GOB = Good Old Boys and Girls”.

Nicole Barde for Storey County Commissioner

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