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Secretary of State approves Recall Petition

On Friday, February 24th the Nevada Secretary of State approved the signature verification and count conducted by Storey County Clerk Vanessa Stephens.

Sheriff Antinoro has until Friday March 3rd to file a legal challenge to the findings. Click here to learn more about the appeal process.

Should the appeal be filed the Secretary of State has several options should the appeal be granted. Click here to learn more about the Secretary of State’s options.

If a challenge is made the courts will hear the matter in an emergency hearing. If the challenge is not made or the challenge is rejected, the way is paved for a recall election.

According to NRS 306.040:

3.  Not sooner than 10 days nor more than 20 days after the Secretary of State completes the notification required by subsection 1, if a complaint is not filed pursuant to subsection 5, the officer with whom the petition is filed shall issue a call for a special election in the jurisdiction in which the public officer who is the subject of the petition was elected to determine whether the people will recall the public officer.

We will check with the County Clerk’s Office on the schedule of the special election timeline on Monday.

Stay Tuned.

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