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Marcus Morland

Human Remains Identified as Marcus Morland of Sparks

Body Identified as Marcus Morland

A hiker found the bleached bones of a human remains while hiking in a remote area of Storey County near the head of Lagomasino Canyon. Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro sent the remains to the Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office. Using dental records, they were able to identify the remains as those of Marcus Morland of Sparks.

Morland was reported missing in 2013 and his vehicle was recovered near where his body was found. Storey County and Washoe County Sheriff’s Offices conducted an extensive search of the area that proved fruitless. The hiker found Moreland’s remains beyond the previously searched area.

Last Heard From in 2012

Moreland was last heard from in June 2012 but was not reported missing until the following March. Storey County Sheriff’s Office discovered Morland’s vehicle in a remote area of Storey County in March of 2013. During their investigation, the Storey County Sheriff’s Office learned he had not been in contact with friends or family for several months.

Described as a drifter with a checkered past, family and friends figured he was staying with someone else and didn’t report him missing. Moreland would have been 35 years old when he went missing.

If You Have Information, Please Contact the SCSO

The investigation as to the cause of death is ongoing. If you knew Marcus Moreland and may have had contact with him during the first half of 2012, please contact Sergeant Mendoza, at (775) 847-0959.

The Teller will follow up on this story as more information becomes available.

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