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June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting

June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting – Bardeblog.com

June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting

Nicole Barde posted her report on the Tuesday, June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting. As usual, Ms. Barde provides her reporting on the meeting and her commentary on the happenings. 

This installment includes great news from Jana Seddon who invested a little and generated a lot to the General Fund.

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June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting




By Nicole Barde


You can find the agenda packet HERE and County Manager Pat Whitten’s summary HERE. If you want to listen to the meeting you can find the recording HERE.

This was a very short meeting.

You can read the key items from Staff updates in Pat Whitten’s summary HERE.

Pat briefly discussed his efforts to get Tesla to sign the $1.2 million dollar Government Services Agreement. There was one phone call and there is to be another meeting Thursday, June 7th. He feels confident that they will come to an agreement as to the terms of the Services Agreement.

SIDENOTE: I keep hearing from both Pat and Hugh Gallagher, Comptroller  in these meetings that Tesla HAS to sign the agreement because if they don’t then all work will effectively come to a standstill at the factory with no county resources to make plan change approvals or inspections on construction. The County Ordinance abating the fees associated with those inspections and approvals is also set to expire at the end of this month. And then we hear that the work will continue and the county will continue to bill them even if there is no signed contract.

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About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  2. I attended the meeting under the Public Comment to have the Commissioners ask DA Anne Langer to support my recommendations to the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice because Anne Langer has refused to call me back read below and you’ll know why

    Storey County Commissioners meeting June 5, 2018.
    Public Comment
    My name is Tonja Brown. I am an Advocate for the wrongfully convicted. I became an Advocate because of what happened on May 9, 1988, some 30 years ago to an innocent man, my brother, Nolan Klein.

    My brother spent 21 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. In 2009 Judge Brent Adams ordered the Washoe County District Attorney, Richard Gammick, to turn over the entire file in Nolan Klein’s case. When the file was turned over all of the exculpatory evidence was discovered hiding in the DA’s file. This evidence was withheld from the Defense and from the Jury. As Mr. Klein’s attorneys were getting ready to file their Motions for New Trial and Bail that morning, had just received word that Mr. Klein had just passed away while in prison.

    The file contained over 220 documents pgs. 27-31, including, the prosecuting attorney Mr. Ronald Rachow’s handwritten notes on the Motion for Discovery pgs. 33-36. Mr. Rachow had defied a 1988 Court Order issued by Judge Peter Breen to turn over all of the evidence pgs. 37-38. Mr. Rachow had only submitted 20 Exhibits during the trial pg .50 and the Defense 10 Exhibits, pg. 51.
    All of the evidence that supported Mr. Klein’s case of mistaken identity was withheld by Mr. Rachow, including, the Sparks PD prime suspect, one Mr. Ricky Lee Zarsky pgs.85, 86 The file contained the Sparks PD Detective Sherman Boxx’s theory that Mr. Zarsky had committed the Payless Shoe store crime and 3 other crimes. Those victims from the 3 other crimes had cleared Mr. Klein, all hidden from the defense and jury. Pgs. 52, 59, May 9,1988, pgs. 52, 0157, 87, 88. April 21, 1988, pg. 015 November 27, 1987, and 4th victim gave . Pgs. 314,315 To Prove His Innocence Where are they Now, Ricky Lee Zarsky.

    As an Advocate I have worked on getting legislation created by working with members of the Nevada Assembly and Since 2007 I’ve attended the Nevada Legislature committee meetings of the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice aka ACAJ. Over the years studies have been presented by the Innocence Project to the ACAJ showing the Commission the Statistic on wrongful convictions, including, those who have been misidentified through photo lineups put together by law enforcement agencies and lineups of individuals. In the statistics presented to the ACAJ 72% of those who have been exonerated by DNA testing were convicted based on eyewitness identification. These photo lineup arrays are no longer being used by Nevada law enforcement agencies and other law enforcement agencies throughout the country pgs. 59, 89, 90. l

    The photo lineup array I’ve provided to you and for the public record was put together by Sparks Police Detective Sherman Boxx, pg. 59. As you can see, Mr. Klein, #3 is a total head shot making him stand out and drawn to him. He is also the darkest picture. This picture is called unconscious transference. The victim in the Payless Shoe Store crime was told by Det. Boxx that they had picked up a suspect and they had to let him go and then proceeds to show the victim the photo lineup and she quickly goes to #3. Mr. Klein has now been positively identified. This same photo lineup has been shown to over 160 people who had no knowledge of what the suspect pgs. 52, 59. and Mr. Klein looked like picked #3 Mr. Klein. see Color picture of Nolan Klein and Zarsky.

    I don’t know what photo lineups the Storey County Sheriff’s Office has used over the last several decades, but, based on what I do know through the Studies that have been conducted over the years and my personal knowledge in Mr. Klein’s case, it is possible that the Storey County Sheriff’s Office has in the past put together a photo lineup array that may have led to wrong misidentification..
    The reason I am here is to ask You, the Storey County Commissioners, to please ask the Storey County District Attorney, Anne Langer to support my March 28, 2018, recommendations of a Petition for Exoneration, Public Integrity Unit Commission to look into wrongful convictions, removing the 2 year Statute of Limitations, and compensation for the wrongfully convicted that are now before the ACAJ.
    I have provided you with my recommendations that I have submitted to Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice on March 28, 2018. Pgs. 1 -3.

    You might be wondering why I’ve come to the Storey County Commissioners and not District Attorney Anne Langer? The answer to that is that I have made several attempts to discuss my recommendations with the District Attorney Anne Langer, to no avail. You may ask why Ms. Langer would not discuss these recommendations with me? Simple reason, District Attorney, Anne Langer was Nolan Klein’s juror. It was Anne Langer who would tell me in 1990 what it was that convicted Nolan Klein pgs. 54- 56, 60 – 62. pg. 169 – 170 To Prove His Innocence.

    It should be noted that even though the Deputy District Attorney Ron Rachow had withheld all of the exculpatory and favorable evidence from the jury, the jury had been deadlocked for hours and would be sent home to return the next morning pg. 143 To Prove His Innocence.

    The non -fiction book “To Prove His Innocence” by Mary Elizabeth Morgan is available on Amazon. This is the pen name for Reno criminal defense attorney Treva Hearne. This book goes into great details of what happened in the case of State vs. Nolan Klein. The documents and following pages that I have provided for the public record supports my reasons fo asking you, the Storey County Commissioners assistance in asking District Attorney to support my recommendations that are now before the ACAJ. Pgs. 11, 15, 19,20, 31, 67, 115-123, 133, 143, 168- 170, 249-252, 306, 309, 314-315 To Prove His Innocence.

    Tonja Brown, Advocate for the Innocent

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