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Carmona and McBride Call For End To The Lockdown

Are We Done Yet?

Nicole Barde posted a piece yesterday asking the question: “When Do We End This?”. In it, she referred to letters that Commissioner Carmona and McBride wrote to Governor Sisolak begging to reopen Virginia City. Click here or read her piece below.

Elon “The Saviour of the Human Race” Musk called the lockdown unconstitutional in a profanity-laden rant during the Tesla earnings call yesterday. Governor Sisolak told Nevada about his “plan” to reopen Nevada on Good Morning America yesterday. We are living in some pretty strange times, even by Storey County standards.

In her piece, scolded the Commissioners for trying to open the tourism businesses up so we can get things back on track. Hilariously, she referred to McBride’s flimsy letter as the “policy equivalent to the “spray and pray” method of birth control.

She may be on point. Looking at what other countries have done to mitigate the impact, almost all of them use the iron fist of getting tested, isolating positives, and staying home to flatten the curve.

Don’t Crush Me, Bro.

Without a doubt, businesses are getting crushed.

Our food supply is getting crushed.

People are getting crushed, too. After the crash of 1929, it took four years for unemployment to peak at 25%. We hit 30 million in six weeks. Unemployment is on track to break 30% when the final April numbers are released. The actual numbers of people not working who want to work are likely 15% higher due to the deceitful way the government crunches the numbers.

The burning question we all need to ask is when will it be over. Unemployment was at 15% on December 7th, 1941. How long will it take for us to return to that level?

A Man, A Plan, A Carmona

From the looks of the photo, Carmona handed it to an empty desk. Now he knows how it feels when people offer public comment at Commissioner meetings...

Meanwhile, the Marshal and Jay show is demanding an early open.

Carmona, not asking for permission before waltzing to the Governor’s Office, presented his demands with Lyon County Commissioner Ken Grey. His actions prompted several folks to contact me here at The Teller to bemoan the backlash on social media from his action. People who are taking the whole COVID-19 thing seriously are not pleased with the notion that NRS (and the Governor’s orders) are Not Really (meant for) Storey (County).

While we are on Jay’s letter, pdf’s have been a thing since the 90s. Cameras are for goofy grins and smirky smiles, not for a letter people are supposed to actually read. Fer. Cripes. Sake.

As Barde pointed out, Marshall’s letter offers literally nothing new. He asked the merchants what he should do, but as usual, he didn’t bother to ask the little people. His survey, which you can read at the end of this article, reveals the shocking news that C Street merchants want to reopen. In an act of open defiance, some merchants aren’t waiting and have reopened.

As usual, McBride has no interest in connecting with the residents. If he had bothered with us, we could have let him know what we think.

Under Marshall McBride’s “Leadership”, Storey County Residents Come Last.

Dead Last.

A Man, No Plan, No Canal

Voters will remember TRIC Executive, Mustang Ranch Brothel Owner, Former Blockchains Lobbyist, New brothel in Winnemucca owner, Industrial Park Developer in Fernley and Mustang Ranch Petting Zoo landlord Lance “The Magnificent” Gilman threw his financial support behind Sisolak.

“I believe Sisolak will be much better for business than Laxalt, and I am supporting him,” Gilman said at a big donor fundraiser he organized at Roger Norman’s Pennington mansion in 2018. Sisolak appears wholely unprepared for this leadership role in a crisis that is destroying business in Nevada.

Telling a national television audience before he told Nevadan’s he stumbled through a “plan” that appears to have little actual planning in it. Sisolak should have been formulating a plan to re-open the second he closed things down. Instead, he seems to be conducting his planning sessions inside one of the few essential businesses doing a bong-up business during the crisis.

Fer. Cripes. Sake.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity,” – Sun Tzu

Inflection points offer massive opportunities. I’ve participated in disruptive events, building and closing businesses because of them. As a species and as Americans, we have an uncanny knack for taking advantage of adversity and using it to make ourselves better.

I see signs of this already. Hopefully, our “leaders” will stop leading in a tone-deaf (or brain dead) manner. $30 Trillion will take some time to pay off, and the payments are coming due even as billion-dollar special interests spend the freshly minted trillions while you and I wait for a $1200 crumb.

Residents First.

From Bardeblog.com


Nicole Barde


First, let me say that I fully understand the destruction that the shutdown is having on “C” Street…my friends are suffering…literally. It is happening all over and it is affecting everyone. We are living history on this one…..sadly so. The choices that need to be made are brutal and they are not popular…with anyone. Unfortunately, only time will tell which of these decisions were the right ones for the community as a whole.  For me, it’s about the fact that we really know nothing about this virus…are we peaking or just getting started? It seems that what we do “know” is wrong since every day new data comes out.

You can build immunity…uh no and no

It only affects the old and infirm…uh no and no

It has a low mortality rate…uh no.

If we test negative we don’t have it… uh no

It will die out in the Summer…uh no.

We have drugs to treat it…uh no.

We’ve flatted the curve so it is safe to reopen…hell no..and NO

You can read the rest of Barde’s piece here.

This is the survey McBride made of the Merchants:

Enc Survey Results 2020


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  1. Sam Toll,
    Thanks for once again proving that (contrary to bogus propaganda perpetrated by people who are less than honest about your abilities) you are a wonderful Reporter.
    Your introductions of that millionaire commissioner that got a $43 million dollar check from the Nevada taxpaying fools on 3 Sept, 2014 and a free Freeway from the same unwitting Nevada minions who claims to live with his male friend in a double wide trailer in the Mustang whorehouse parking lot gets longer and longer all the time.
    Here’s an interesting observation about ventilators that nobody else has addressed:
    Statistics show that 75% of people undergoing ventilator regimen either die or are
    horribly debilitated after the horrible ordeal.
    An epidemiologist would have to deduce what?
    That ventilators cause deaths. Or at least extended use of them do.
    Just sayin’…
    Sam DNA Dehne

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