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chilling effect

Chilling Effect – The Sunday Word(s) of The Day

chilling effect

Lance Gilman Sues Sam Toll in an effort to have a chilling effect on the work of The Storey Teller.


Throughout time immemorial, politicians have done their level best to quiet critical review of their actions. History is littered with people in power disproving of critics. The use of intimidation, the power of office and straight up murder has a chilling effect on such criticism.

Examples of critics being silenced for being critical include Hans and Sophie Scholl, Martin Luther King, Nathanial Hale, and Michael Hastings. Some people suggest I will end up like those journalists brave enough to investigate one of the most corrupt governments on the planet. Mexico’s tradition of murdering journalists is storied and more than a hundred brave men and women have been murdered covering the Drug War alone since 2000. People in power don’t like dissenting opinions, plain and simple.

Like many before him, Lance Gilman is no different.

His lawsuit against me goes forward as Judge Wilson found the word perjury to be defamatory. This will now allow Mr. Gilman to try to prove that I lied when I said he doesn’t have his grandchildren over for Christmas Eve dinner in his double-wide trailer behind his home for wayward girls. Good Luck with that.

Lance Gilman is also suing Sheriff Gerald Antinoro for the exact same thing. The defaming statement made by the Sheriff is absurd in comparison to the ones I made in terms of the exposure it received. The Teller gets tens of thousands of page views a month while perhaps a dozen people saw the blog post that “injured” Mr. Gilman’s immaculate character. Mr. Antioro will have to go to trial to have his case settled.

Blockchains, LLC Loves Mr. Clean

Yet none of the damage and injury allegedly done to Mr. Clean has prevented the two lawyer brothers behind the cryptocurrency Ethereum to hire the owner of a, as Mr. Gilman himself calls it, a “Hunt-A-Ho” House to be a government affair worker. You would think that Blockchains would have more sense that that.

The lawsuit Mr. Gilman filed against me had the temporary effect he wanted. I have had to focus my attention on raising the funds necessary to defend me. I have had to work hard with those lawyers to defend myself. As a result, the readers of The Teller have suffered a slowdown of the hard-hitting articles they have come to enjoy.

Now that the spring thaw is complete, the ice has melted and the chilling-effect is in the rearview mirror, I look forward to providing the in-depth reporting on the business of Storey County with the gusto and bravado you have come to expect from me.

Stay Tuned






Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Congratulations on your stunning victory, Sam. I couldn’t help but notice the local fishwrap printed a front page article on the lawsuit by Gilman when it was filed, but not a mention when it was thrown out. I guess Gilman didn’t approve that article.

  2. Cashion Callaway

    good job, ST

  3. The word “perjury”! I say and write that all the time when I refer to Shelly O’Neill and how she committed perjury to protect her career.

    I’ve protested in front of O’Neill’s office and exposed her lies in the Nolan Klein case. We’ve written a non fiction book To Prove His Innocence now on Amazon.

    Yes we use the perjury because it’s true and it’s supported by the evidence!

    But do you think your District Attorney Anne, aka Nolan Klein’s juror would be interested in looking at the injustice caused to Mr. Klein? No.

    Do you think Anne Langer would be intererested in getting the law changed on Discovery? Afterall, she as a juror who had convicted a man who was innocent of the crime.

    The Washoe County prosecuting attorney had defied a 1988 court order to turn over all of the evidence that showed their was another man the police had as their prime suspect for the crime Mr. Klein was convicted of committing.

    Anne Langer didn’t know about another man. Nor did she and the jury know about the police’s theory that the other man had committed 3 other crimes that Nolan Klein was not convicted because those victims had cleared Mr. Klein. All hidden from the jury.

    She did know that 5 witnesses testifed in front of her that Nolan Klein was in Carson City at the time of the Sparks, NV crime.

    She does know that I know what it was that convicted Nolan Klein because she told me in 1990.

    It was raised in a post conviction petition and the judge Charles McGee never addressed any of those grounds raised. In fact, 33 grounds were raised. 23 grounds were not addressed. If McGee had, Mr. Klein would have been granted a new trial and would have been found innocent based on what Anne Langer had told me the reason why she voted to find Mr. Klein guilty

    23 years later I would hire a private investigator to locate the Sparks’ prime suspect. The man had
    knowledge that only suspect, police and DA would know.

    Anne Langer knows now! I’ve reached out to her and it appears she’s not interested

    The Storey Teller committing Perjury? I think not!

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