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SCSO Arrest Log January 21 - February 03

SCSO Arrest Log January 21 – February 03

SCSO Arrest Log January 21 – February 03

The following information was prepared by the Storey County Sheriff’s Office. All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Please don’t drink or smoke weed and drive. Seriously. Just don’t.

Thank You For Reading The Teller!

For those of you new to The Teller, thanks for reading. County Commissioner Lance Gilman is suing The Teller trying to shut us up and intimidate us. If you believe in the Free Press, consider spotting me a couple of bucks to help cover the cost of telling it like it is. We are scheduled for a hearing on February 22nd, and the court costs are over $500.00.

A big, huge, sloppy kiss to all my supporters who have donated. I love you.

If you can’t afford to donate or simply don’t because it’s against your principals, consider telling a friend about The Teller.

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