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TRIC Executive Shoves Foot in Mouth – The Storey Teller Helps, Part Two

For those of you who read The Teller and do not read the Virginia City Highlands email chat group, this tasty banter happened on Friday the 13th between “Brothel Resident”, TRIC Executive and Storey County Planning Commissioner Kris Thompson. Mr. Thompson once again tasted shoe leather, polished with something other than Shinola, as he responded to The Teller’s pipeline post which you can read here.
Once again, I will put Mr. Thompson’s response to my piece sprinkled with commentary and then my official response.

This will respond to Mr. Toll.   I’m not going to go through and explain all the false statements in his linked article.  It’s virtually all BS.  It’s simply 3 pages of tripe.   Suffice it to say he is has posted in the past many statements and whole pieces that are just downright lies.  When he’s caught doing it, he later claims it’s “satire.”  Sure.
(For those not smart enough to know the difference, I end every satire piece with a disclaimer. I usually toss in a VW sized hint in the mix for those smart enough to appreciate humor)
Readers should know that he has no idea about what he’s writing about.  None whatsover.  But he doesn’t care about facts or accuracy, his only goal is to smear others.
(Actually you can’t make this stuff up, and if the facts smear you, shame on you)
The bottom line is that Mr. Toll (aka “Mr. Smear Merchant”)  apparently has nothing better all day to do than write fiction smearing others who are trying to take positive steps in our County and Ms. Barde (aka “Ms. Nancy Pelosi on the Comstock”) want to change this County to make it look more like San Francisco.
(Name Calling = the final refuge of a scoundrel whose argument tank has run dry)
Storey County has succeeded in a true economic miracle, BECAUSE it did things differently.  Doing things how San Francisco does it would have blocked, and still will block, any economic development.   Our County rose from near bankruptcy with virtually no tax base, and nothing but sand and sagebrush out here, to a County that had $1.6 in (in fully abated) taxable last year in just 17 years.  Companies are fleeing California and choosing Storey County because of the exact kind of mindset that Smear Merchant and Nancy Pelosi on the Comstock are pitching. (Actually, it’s because of the giveaway of Storey County Tax Dollars. If the band of merry TRICsters didn’t have our money to play with not one of these businesses would be here.)
And having been involved in every negotiation with the global companies buying land at TRI over the last 7 years, I can say without a doubt that the readers can be thankful that Mr. Smear and Nancy Pelosi on the Comstock were never in a position of authority in this County.  
Those companies would have had one meeting with them and walked out and never come back.  The meeting with those two would be two hours of nothing but political lecturing and nitpicking with those two. (It would be more like two minutes: No you can’t use our tax money as a crutch to prop up your business plan. Bye Bye Now)
Think about how you would react coming in to meet these two in an initial meeting if you  were a small business owner or decisionmaker for a global tech company looking around for a new site.  Would you want to do business with these two?  Can you imagine? (Can you imagine? Protecting taxpayer interests? The horror!)
There is intense competition to draw businesses into a state and County. They have many, many choices out there.  To get the Tesla Gigafactory, little Storey County had to beat out Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California, where their headquarters and first manufacturing facility already is.  Jerry Brown threw an offer of $3.5 billion in tax abatements at them.  Arizona threw an offer of half priced power forever at them.   Rick Perry and Texas offered free land, free power and water infrastructure.  You will recall that Rick Perry actually flew into California, loaded into a brand new Tesla and visited the Tesla factory in Jerry Brown’s state, trying to woo them.   And will all that, our little County prevailed and it was not even a close race.  We prevailed because we are different, and because of the development agreement.  That’s the truth these two will never understand. (“Little Storey County”. Aw Shucks! Big Govorner Sandoval’s 1.2 Billion giveaway and lil’ ol’ Storey County)
Readers can be very very proud of the decision making by the County over since the formation of TRI.  This public private partnership has created 10-11,000 good permanent jobs and temporary construction jobs in the middle of the desert in a County of 4,000 residents.   It’s an amazing feat.   So while the Smear Merchant is lecturing all of us, and Ms. Pelosi on the Comstock is nitpicking everything everyone does, thank god we have professionals around who focus on getting things done and creating prosperity. (If it makes you proud to give Billionaires your credit card for cocaine and hookers, that is…)
Thanks for considering my post.

This is in response to Mr. Thompson:
I returned to my piece and realized, to my horror, that all the referenced links lost their blue link-color. That totally explains how Mr. Thompson missed the references to where I found the facts

I fixed them. Now both Mr. Thompson and you, dear reader, can go back to the article and click on the hot pink links to see my sources for the facts.

On Oct 14, 2017, at 9:30 AM, Kris Thompson via Groups.Io <kpthompson2011=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:

 I’m not going to go through and explain all the false statements in his linked article.

The reason Mr. Thompson won’t “explain all the false statements” is because he can’t.  
There aren’t any.
Everything in the piece came from verifiable fact
Facts from verifiable sources (including those uttered in the public meeting record by Oracle Thompson himself).
Facts from public records requests.
Facts from interviews with public officials.
Facts from confirmed, provided sources.
If Mr. Thompson would like to debate me on the facts, I double dog dare him to. 
I will debate him in a box. 
I will debate him with a fox. 
I will debate him in a tree. 
I will debate him for you see…
The facts stand on their own.
I don’t think for a New York minute any reader with the cranial capacity of a single celled organism doesn’t see Mr. Thompson’s 9 paragraphs anything other than what they are:
Smeary. Blather. Nearly. Void. Of… wait for it….. FACTS.
There are, however, two facts tucked in his scree:
  1. The “miracle” that Storey County has become only benefits people who live in Washoe County; Misters Norman, Thompson and Gilman and the holders of those thousands of “world class” $20 an hour jobs.  
  2. The $1.6 Billion in one time, non-recurring, tax abated sales that Lance and his band of merry TRICsters parade up and down C Street will amount to just over $4 million (0.0025% of the $1.6b) of actual revenue into Storey County coffers in FY 2106-2107. As in peanuts. More like peanut shells.
Our payment on the TRICster Credit Card is going to be nearly $5 Million this year.
That means that Lance the Magnificent and his band of merry TRICsters will cost Storey County Taxpayers (us chumps) just about $1 Million dollars in FY 2016-2017! (If you don’t believe me, ask Hugh Gallagher for the facts like I did…)
And this new pipeline will cost us chumps at least another million on top of that for the next 30 years!
No Virginia, there is no satire anywhere near the pipeline that will soon be pumping seaming hot “effluent” up our wallets. 
The joke is on us chumps, the taxpayers of Storey County, regardless of what Mr. Thompson smears on our shoes in place of Shinola. 
Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Interesting that Mr. Thompson refers to me as Nancy Pelosi since I read everything before I decide or comment on it . Which is why I oppose the corporate welfare bond to finance the pipeline. I’ve seen the presentations and have heard in commission meetings that we don’t have the money to support the two new fire stations needed at TRIC ….. so how do we have the $1 million a year to pay back a bond?

    The pipeline is a developer expense that the citizens of Storey County should not pay for.
    This bond which was supposed to be easy peasy to do thru SB 1 hasn’t seen the light of day outside of the promises made by TRIC’s Las Vegas consultants who said that the new revenues from TRIC would pay for it no problem. The Nevada state Treasurer, who has to approve it, hasn’t seen it or been asked to weigh in. I know this because I asked him today.

    Again I say…. I am not anti business, I am anti corporate welfare to companies who don’t need it. I’d rather see concessions and support given to small businesses….. the backbone of this country.

    As I’ve said in my blog….. I’m going to continue to oppose this till my lips fall off.

    Nicole Barde

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