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Nevada Secretary of State confirms availability of Absentee-Mail In ballots

In a statement received from the Nevada Secretary of State, absentee and vote by mail ballots are a part of the recall election process.

“NRS 293.309 regulates the distribution of absentee ballots. A ballot shall be mailed to anyone registered to vote as long as the request is made anytime up to 7 days before the election. The ballot must be in the hands of the County Clerk before the polling places close. If the ballot is mailed in but not received when the polling places close, the ballot will not be counted regardless of any postmark date on the envelope.” stated arepresentative of the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office.

This is the text of 293.315. If you need more information about the process or are having trouble falling asleep, you can read all the relevant NRS code here and here.

NRS 293.315  Limitation on time to apply for absent ballot; public inspection authorized; issuance of absent ballot; immunity of county clerk.

      1.  A registered voter referred to in NRS 293.313 may, at any time before 5 p.m. on the seventh calendar day preceding any election, make an application to that clerk for an absent voter’s ballot. The application must be made available for public inspection.

      2.  When the voter has identified himself or herself to the satisfaction of the clerk, the voter is entitled to receive the appropriate ballot or ballots, but only for his or her own use.

      3.  A county clerk who allows a person to copy information from an application for an absent ballot is immune from any civil or criminal liability for any damage caused by the distribution of that information, unless the county clerk knowingly and willingly allows a person who intends to use the information to further an unlawful act to copy such information.

      (Added to NRS by 1960, 256; A 1961, 289; 1967, 849; 1987, 342; 1989, 2166; 1993, 2185; 2001, 2950)

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