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County Commissioner Commits To Cannabis Cultivation

Gilman Supports Cannabis (hemp), Opposes Cannabis (weed for now)

Teller Readers will remember the relentless effort Storey County fought alongside TRIC to force Storey County taxpayers to subsidize bringing in water to the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) with the pipeline. Storey County officials and TRIC companies like Tesla and Switch strong-armed taxpayers with the argument that the water in the pipeline was critical for future industrial growth. County officials insisted these companies, with billions in existing investment, would simply not continue to invest and grow if the taxpayers of the county didn’t get some skin in the game. It was suggested these companies might consider leaving if we did not pay them with our tax dollars. County officials then took out their knives and exacted a pound of taxpayer skin to put in the game.

Recent developments surrounding Blockchains and Emerald City Empire suggest the water in the pipes will also be used to fuel residential growth within the TRIC park despite the existing County Master Plan prohibiting residential application of any kind in the park. We now learn that the water may have a completely different use: Cannabis Cultivation.

See Something, Say Something

Was The TRIC Pipeline Water Just For Industrial Use?

Mustang Ranch Brothel owner, TRIC Broker and Executive, Blockchains Government Affairs Liason and Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman raised eyebrows here at The Teller with a  comment he made in a recent interview. Gilman announced he will become a major player in the Cannabis business. Gilman, who appeared on Sam Shad’s Nevada Newsmakers, told Shad that he and TRIC moneyman Roger Norman are poised to make fat stacks slinging Cannabis.

“Roger and I were talking about where we’re going, and we are looking at a very large farming operation for hemp. I believe this hemp product has tremendous benefits in construction and insulation and textiles. I believe there is going to be a hemp revolution, and then you have to get the CBD oil out of it. That is a separate industry completely,” Gilman told Shad.

Commissioner Gilman is a staunch anti-cannabis drug warrior. He tells Shad he would vote no on weed, but “has a hunch that the citizenry support it”. For those paying attention, Nevada confirmed that hunch in 2016 when Nevadans (and Storey County residents) overwhelmingly voted to remove legal penalties for recreational marijuana users. Many people have the misconception that marijuana is legal in Nevada. That is not the case. You can still be arrested twelve ways to Sunday for possessing the Devil’s Weed.

Won’t Associate With A Nationally Banned Business, Unless It’s Prostitution

“Specifically to TRIC, and we didn’t do this because of marijuana, but our development agreement that was approved by ordinance in Storey County specifically says that we are not going to locate or associate with any business that’s not approved nationally. So until marijuana is approved nationally, you’re not going to see marijuana coming into TRIC at all. Storey County has taken the position that they are not supporting that industry. You’re not seeing any dispensaries or growing or anything else going on there. It’s a hunch but I think that the citizenry supports it. I am opposed to it because so many people in leadership oppose it,” said Gilman.

This statement is interesting that Gilman suggests that TRIC won’t associate with a business that isn’t approved nationally. Last time we checked, prostitution is still illegal outside of Nevada.

The Teller hereby bets a donut that the nanosecond the Federal Government removes the restrictions on cannabis at the federal level, Lance, Roger and the band of merry TRICsters will be growing hippie lettuce in mad quantities at TRIC. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one or both of the secret entities who were granted a license to sling the dankness in Storey County have ties to the TRICsters. Can’t wait for that reveal.

Party on, Wayne. Party on, Lance.

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Sam Toll,
    Sam, do you think the day will ever come when you can stop reporting
    about debilitating perfidiousness and debauchery in Storey County? Nopitee
    nope and not at all.. as long as TRIC’s Gilman/Norman cartel can run
    roughshod over all that is sacred.
    I have been doing my damndest over here in Reno trying to try to thwart
    the onslaughts.. but it is a tough job to have to do all alone.
    You can watch my myriad challenges against just about all pusillanimous
    things TRIC perpetrates.
    I predict there will be no good news over there (or even here) until
    Reno citizens recognize and do something about the treachery against them.
    Nevertheless, please keep up the great reporting.
    Sam DNA Dehne

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