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Tragedy Strikes Another Storey County First Responder Family

Tragedy Strikes Another Storey County First Responder Family

Months after tragedy struck the Storey County Fire Department, The Teller has learned today that the Storey County Sheriff Deputy Anthony Francone’s children were involved in a major accident at the Oregon California border on Sunday, July 29th.

“From what I understand, an automobile ran a stop sign and t-boned the Francone vehicle. Jonathan was airlifted to a Portland hospital at the scene, and his sister Kaitlyn was airlifted to the same hospital a short while later. Deputy Francone and members of his family are at the hospital now to be with the children. Our deputies are organizing help from our base here in Storey County. The Deputy association has established a GoFundMe page, and we are sending our prayers to the children. We are aware of the serious nature of the injuries and hope Jonathan and Kaitlyn can make a full recovery,” explained Sheriff Gerald Antinoro in an interview with The Teller.

According to the Storey County Deputy Sheriff’s Association on the GoFundMe page, Kaitlyn suffered a broken jaw in two places and will require surgery. Jonathan who is in critical condition immediately went into surgery to have his spleen removed. He also suffered a fractured skull, a broken leg and broken ribs. Jonathan is still in a medically induced coma to help reduce damage until the swelling goes away. Jonathan needs at least one more surgery once he comes out of the medically induced coma to repair his leg.

Tragedy Strikes Storey County First Responder Family
Jonathan, Kaitlyn, and Tyler Francone are pictured here left to right.

Donate With GoFundMe

People wishing to donate money to the hospital bills are asked to visit the GoFundMe page by clicking here.

This is a difficult time for the Francone family. We ask that you take a moment to send positive thoughts and prayers to the Francone family. If you have the means, take a moment to donate some money to the fund page. Deputy Francone is part of the community serving Storey County in the River District.


This story originally indicated that Deputy Francone was with his family when the accident occured. Deputy Francone was on duty in Lockwood at the time of the accident.

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  1. DayYam! So sorry.
    Sam DNA

  2. For clarity Deputy Francone’s children were in the accident, not him. When the accident occurred he was on duty in the Lockwood area.

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