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Virginia City Soars Friday Farmers Market

Virginia City Soars Friday Farmers Market

Virginia City Soars Friday Farmers Market

I had a chance to catch up with Cass Woods last Friday at the Community Chest Virginia City Soars Friday Farmers Market. The Community Center located at 175 Carson Street in Virginia City next to the Storey County Swimming Pool.

Each week the students purchase produce from Community Roots in Dayton and bring it up to Virginia City to sell. They spend the proceeds on different things for the kids at the end of the season. This year they visit “Build a Bear” and get a handsome stuffed bear to represent the hard work and fun they had this summer.

The Farmers Market is open from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm every Friday. Cass Woods explained that they will run through the middle of September as they did last year.

In addition to the produce, the kids sell handmade crafts and other baked goods. Storey County Commissioner Candidate Nicole Barde and I made sure to purchase some really delicious cream cheese frosting encrusted bars. We also bought some cookies along with tomatoes and squash, peaches, and plums. Everything was waaaaaaaay better than anything you can buy in the store.

Budding Entrepreneurs Building Links With The Community

I talked to the girls who were learning about capitalism, free markets, price and demand curves, and bartering without even knowing it. They allow the customers to set the prices but will reject an offer if it is too low.

I was going to cut a few quotes from the young ladies who I spoke with, but in listening to the interview I discovered how darling these young ladies really are. Rather than cut it up and take all the life out of it, I’ll let you hear Cass Woods explain the program and have these darling young ladies explain what they do in their own words.

This is another example of the wonderful work done by the Community Chest and hard-working people like Cass Woods and the Middle School kids of the Virginia City School District. Please come out and support this wonderful community effort.

Listen to the interview with Cass Wood and the young ladies of Virginia City Soars Friday Farmers Market. These girls ROCK!



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  1. Sam Toll can even make a report about this Farmers Market sound interesting and informative.
    Great talks with the FM kids.
    Sam DNA Dehne

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