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Storey County Election Results – Carmona v McGuffey

All Precincts Reporting. Final Count.   Polling places around Storey County will close in a few minutes and we will begin updating the count as the data is posted by the County Clerk. We will update this graphic as the numbers come in. Check Back or refresh this page to …

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June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting

June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting – Bardeblog.com

June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting Nicole Barde posted her report on the Tuesday, June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting. As usual, Ms. Barde provides her reporting on the meeting and her commentary on the happenings.  This installment includes great news from Jana Seddon who invested a little and generated …

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Ferrari Hill Climb

Bring Back The Ferrari Hill Climb

Bring Back The Ferrari Hill Climb   When I was ten years old, a lifelong love affair with fast cars was kindled when Ferarri’s form the 50’s and 60’s roared down the hill by my house in Gold Hill. The first Ferrari Hill Climb took place in 1972 and I …

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Gilman's Personal Vendetta

Sunday Word of the Day – Vendetta

Lance Gilman’s Personal Vendetta. Why would a guy who has pretty much accomplished everything he has set out to do become fully engulfed in a white hot laser focus to destroy Sheriff Antinoro? Why would he resort to every underhanded trick to not simply get him out of office, but …

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Laxalt BBQ

VCH Candidate BBQ A Smash Hit!

VCH Candidate BBQ A Smash Hit! Adam Laxalt showed rural Nevada he doesn’t ignore them as he spent some time in Storey County last weekend. Virginia City Highlands resident and political junkie Breck Greninger held another of her “Meed The Candidate” Laxalt BBQ’s last weekend. Among the guests were Adam …

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Lockwood Forum

Lockwood Candidate Forum on May 29th

Lockwood Candidate Forum on May 29th On May 29th, the second Storey County Candidate forum was held at the Rainbow Bend Community Clubhouse. The Lockwood Candidate Forum was put on by former newspaperwoman Karen Woodmansee and moderated by Loren Pursel and there were close to 100 people in attendance Candidates …

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Storey County GOP Responds To Candidate Cullen

The Teller received this Letter To The Editor moments ago. Read it here now or wait until Friday to read about it in the local fish wrapper. June 4, 2018 Dear Editor: With early voting in full swing and Election Day one week away why would candidate Cullen publicly post …

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October Sruprise

Lance Gilman Launches “October Surprise” Against Antinoro

Lance Gilman Launches October Surprise Against Antinoro Lance Gilman’s Attorney Joey Gilbert released a letter to Nevada Attorney Adam Laxalt calling for Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro to face charges of sexual harassment today. The letter (attached below), which contains salacious details gleaned from interviews and depositions taken in the …

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