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Letter to the Editor – Critical Thinking

Letter to the Editor – Critical Thinking

Dear Editor,

There is a transparent effort underway, by a small handful of people to push forth an offensive narrative about our Sheriff. The hope is that it will become a national headline by attaching these stories to Nevada’s gubernatorial race. The intent is to shame Sheriff Antinoro’s supporters for standing behind a man whom some insist isn’t worthy of support. The belief is that the residents of Storey County don’t have the mental capacity to see through their feelings long enough to make rational and thoughtful conclusions based on evidence and real facts. The assumption is that people will be so offended by this false presentation of Sheriff Antinoro, that we will all run to the voting booths in anger and outrage, overlooking the total lack of proof that any of these claims are even remotely true. Here we go again…

We deserve a lot more credit than that. Storey County residents are compassionate critical thinkers who are more than capable of letting their feelings subside so that wisdom can preside.

Critical thinking discovers that while Sheriff Antinoro has been accused of heinous crimes, absolutely no evidence has ever been presented to substantiate these accusations – by anyone – ever. Nothing.

Critical thinking recognizes that the many negative stories that have been thrust upon us for the last five years all have the same source, this small handful of people.

Critical thinking pursues context and keeps things in proper perspective, not letting fickle feelings dictate thoughts and actions.

Critical thinking is skeptical of the fanciful spin on the Sheriff’s words in the media because the dramatic commentary presents only one side of the story.

Compassion asks the right questions of the right people and seeks to understand others, not to judge them.

Compassion chooses to believe the best about others, even when they behave in harmful ways, knowing that it is hurting people who hurt people.

Compassion remembers that everyone has a past, but no one is beyond redemption.

Compassion forgives. Everyone. Every Time.

Let’s remember who we are. We are not fools who are easily swayed and manipulated by fantasies pushed by animated characters who are solely focused on tearing others down. We are powerful, independently minded people who make conscious, purposeful, reality-based decisions. We are a strong community that will not be divided by gossip and rumor. We are neighbors who care for each other because we value and respect one another, even when we may not agree.

We will not be mistaken, and we will not be forgotten.


Storey County resident and compassionate critical thinker, Laura Antinoro

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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    How do you defame a person who solicits women to be slaves for his whorehouse?
    It’s these sex-slaves who should be bringing the biggest sexual harassment charges against the biggest sexual harasser in the county.
    And TRIC poaching the Reno mayor election fits right in with the sleazy solicitation of young girls to be sex-slaves.

  2. Nevada Citizen

    No bias here! Did you even read your husband’s deposition? In his own words he describes his character.

  3. Critical thinking examines the bias of the commenter. In this case, the Antinoro supporter is his WIFE. Assigning credibility to that support is questionable, given that close personal relationship.

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