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So much yellow
Kayline in a field of Mustard Flowers.

Kayline Gavenda Wins Best Actress at RTIFF

As we reported earlier, two local kids were up for awards at the Reno Tahoe International Film Festival. Virginia City Highlands resident Kayline Gavenda starred with her brother Otto in So Much Yellow, a short film telling the emotional story of the difficult day in a family’s life. The film was shown at the Reno Tahoe International Film Festival in September. The film won Best Short Film and Kayline won Best Actress in a Short Film.
Kayline and Otto Hold the Best Actress Award. Sort of.

Oscar Consideration

The film was shown in other film festivals including Bend Oregon and in Austin Texas, where it won the won the Audience Award. It was up for consideration at the Acadamy Awards but was nosed out in the late rounds.
“Kayline was excited and amazed when she won the Best Actress award in Reno. As her mom, I couldn’t be more proud. Jim and I had no idea when we were making the film that we might be standing on stage receiving the award,” explained Brandy Gavenda who works at the Storey County Sheriff’s Office. “As excited as Jim and I were, however, Kayline was like, “OK, that’s cool and all, but mom, I’m SO EXCITED to be in the play that we are performing at Piper’s this month!. She took the moment in and enjoyed it and then moved on to the next fun thing. I’m so proud of her,” said Brandy.
“Kayline winning the ‘Best Actress in a Short Film’ award was the best part of the festival for me.  To see her receive accolades and acknowledgment for this performance meant so much! I always felt that her acting was the key that would unlock the audiences hearts and let them connect emotionally with the whole family’s story. To have the festival jury see that same thing and reward her for her effort was really wonderful,” Remarked Writer / Director Erica Milson.
Brother and Sister in the Highlands. No award to distract them.
“Receiving the ‘Best Dramatic Short’ award was also an incredible moment for us. After so many years working on the film, hoping that we were crafting a story that would express a challenging moment in an emotionally powerful way, it meant a lot to be recognized in this fashion. Given that this was our first festival appearance, these awards felt like a wonderful welcome to the world for “So Much Yellow”. Our entire cast and crew are very honored.
The Gavendas; Jim, Brandy, Kayline, and Otto moved to the Virginia City Highlands shortly after the filming for So Much Yellow completed. They are happy with the services available to Otto here in the community.
We have been so lucky to find a school district that not only understands Otto’s educational and developmental path but also strives to welcome him into the community of his peers.
“Early intervention services are key to children with disabilities adapting to their physical limitations. We have been provided with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy through the School district. We have been so lucky to find a school district that not only understands Otto’s educational and developmental path but also strives to welcome him into the community of his peers. He has always been fully immersed in the classroom. There wasn’t a preschool program in the process when we moved here, and by law, Otto had to be offered classes at age 3. His 3rdbirthday was the programs first day,” beamed Brandy.
Kayline Gavinda
This time they are holding it together as Otto hams for the camera.
“Currently Otto is in Kindergarten and has a one-on-one aide, a well-loved member of the community. You read horror stories about kids that have birthday parties with no one showing up, or never receiving an invitation to a playdate or receiving a birthday invite. That has not been our experience here. We walk through town and people stop and say hello to Otto. We love the way the community has responded to Otto!,” she went on.
Kayline continues to pursue her acting here in Storey County. We fully expect to enjoy her talents for years to come here on the Comstock Lode.

And Now a Word From Us.

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  1. Thanks Sam! It has been quite a ride! When we heard about the Oscar consideration, we were over the moon! As we discussed, we didn’t make it to the short list, but even being considered is amazing.

  2. This story was a joy to write. So glad you and Jim invited me to meet with your family to help make this happen!

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