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UPS adds Delivery Vehicle for VCH

Rod from UPS advised The Teller that UPS has added a new delivery operator servicing the Virginia City Highlands exclusively.

Rod wanted to advise the folks in the Highlands that the purple truck is operated by an official UPS employee, so they should resist the urge to fire a shot or two in his general direction should they see him enter their private property.

“I know how much the folks love their privacy here in the Highlands. Mike is a great guy and we would hate to lose him due to an overzealous resident,” explained Rod.

Like Rod, Mike in the Purple Truck is a super nice fellow and is working hard to orient himself to all the nooks and crannies in the Highlands and will deliver packages with the same enthusiasm and aplomb as Rod has all these years.



UPS Driver Mike stands at the ready to deliver packages to the Highlands.


Because Mike does not have a 4WD truck he may be hampered once the snow falls, but Rod assures us that UPS will reevaluate the situation once the roads are white.



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