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Adam Laxalt visits Virginia City

Storey County hosted freshly minted Gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt as he made us one of his 17 stops in a whirlwind tour across Nevada this past Monday.

The Red Dog Saloon was packed with supporters and members of the community as Adam Laxalt shared his vision of Nevada’s future with the community.

Representative Wheeler Introduces Adam Laxalt.

Representative Wheeler was on hand to introduce the candidate as Senator Settlemeyer watched in the crowd. Storey County Officials including Commissioners Jack McGuffey, Marshall McBride, County Manager Pat Whitten and Austin Osborne were all seen watching the Governor hopeful as he delivered his message to the attendees.

Adam Laxalt addresses onlookers.

Laxalt shared his story which included becoming sober at 18, a distinguished military career and his legal career. He covered accomplishments made during his tenure as Nevada’s top law enforcement officer. As Nevada’s Attorney General, Laxalt made accomplishments he considers noteworthy including:

  • Dealing with the 6000 unprocessed Rape Kits and creating a policy that will prevent a backlog from occurring in the future
  • Establishing a group within the AG’s office that assists military service members with navigating the legal system
  • Establishing a Federal Government Task Force whose job is to combat the onerous reach of the Federal Government (my personal favorite as I fully support State’s Rights and a militant enforcement of the 10th Amendment)
Del Carlo, Wheeler and Settlemeyer listen as Laxalt delivers his message.

Laxalt Answers Questions From The Teller

I asked Mr. Laxalt about the plight of rural Nevada and he responded here:

Mr. Laxalt responds to the suggestion that Nevada is one of the most Liberty minded states in the Union and is considered by some as being the most corrupt state in the Union:

Previously, The Teller interviewed another Gubernatorial candidate Dan Schwartz which you can hear here. With the name recognition that Adam carries, the efforts of the Republican Party of Nevada and the bankroll he has and will amass, Laxalt seems to have the upper hand here in Storey County and across rural Nevada. The Democrats in Washoe and Clark Counties will certainly have their say as they announce and support their candidates.


Adam Laxalt and his daughter enjoy the ambience of the Red Dog Saloon.
Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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