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Ron Knecht Has Been Where We Are Headed

Ron Knecht

Storey County announced the finalists to replace outgoing County Manager Pat Whitten yesterday. The list is made up of four qualified candidates, among the list was former Nevada Controller Ron Knecht. Gentle readers of The Teller will recognize the name Ron Knecht. Ron has submitted dozens of guest editorials and …

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Sunday Word of the Day – Praise


praise verb the police praised Pauline for her courage in confronting the thieves: COMMEND, express admiration for, applaud, pay tribute to, speak highly of, eulogize, compliment, congratulate, sing the praises of, rave about, go into raptures about, heap praise on, wax lyrical about, make much of, pat on the back, …

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Storey County Parlays Our Future With a $100k Kicker


County Commissioners Slosh Money Around Like Drunken Sailors The last Storey County Commission meeting was remarkable in a couple of ways. First, Commissioners McBride and McGuffey parlayed away our future by giving billion dollar global companies $22 million. Second, in what was unquestionably the worst job performance review I have ever …

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Is The Blockchains Smart City At TRIC A Done Deal?

White Collar Welfare Recipients Hunting For Handouts At The Storey County Courthouse Barring an alien abduction of Commissioner Jack McGuffey or Marshall McBride, The Storey County Commissioners will hand over $20 million in future Storey County tax revenue to billion dollar global companies at TRIC by forming a Tax Increment …

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Blockchains Announces Smart City at TRIC

Blockchains Announces Smart City

Blockchains CEO Jeffrey Burns announced plans for a 10,000 home “Smart City” at TRIC yesterday. Burns, speaking at a technology conference in Prague, told the excited crowd that he was creating the first connected Smart City built on the backbone of Blockchain technology. When the teller first got wind of …

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Storey County Commission September 19th Meeting

Storey County Commission Job Description

Storey County Commission September 19th Meeting In the Storey County Commission September 19th Meeting, the board pushed the pipeline can down the road with taking the next step in the Special Assessment District. They also approved giving a part of K Street to Steve McBride, Commissioner McBride’s brother.  At first, Commissioner …

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Storey County’s Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla

Storey County's Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla

Storey County’s Fiscal Year Starts Without Tesla As we reported earlier, Storey County’s budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 was approved by County Commissioners McBride, Gilman, and McGuffey at a 1.7 million dollar deficit. It appears as if three years into Nevada Governor Sandoval and TRIC Executive Lance Gilman’s “Deal of …

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June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting – Bardeblog.com

June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting

June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting Nicole Barde posted her report on the Tuesday, June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting. As usual, Ms. Barde provides her reporting on the meeting and her commentary on the happenings.  This installment includes great news from Jana Seddon who invested a little and generated …

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Storey County FY18-19 Budget Nearing Completion

Storey County FY18-19 Budget

Storey County FY18-19 Budget It’s Budget Season and we have been focusing on how Storey County spends your tax dollars. We wrote about the tentative budget earlier here. We wrote about the record 1.6 billion in taxable sales from 2017 here. And finally, we wrote about the current taxable sales …

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Truth, Lies, and Consequences.

Truth, Lies, and Consequences

  Truth, Lies, and Consequences. In the most recent episode of the Comstock Chronicle, Marshall McBride is quoted asking for concerned citizens to call the Commissioners and other County Officials regarding concerns they may have. He accused me and Nicole Barde of being purveyors of misinformation and lies. He reasoned …

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