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Stand Against Corruption, Part 8 – SCRCC runs things by the book.

An open letter to Mr. Kris Thompson & the Recall Committee,

Last week, after the Storey County Republican Central Committee (SCRCC) meeting, I responded twice, truthfully and factually, to your “misconceptions” posted on the Virginia City Highlands message board about:

  1. How the SCRCC was/is elected.
  1. How the SCRCC is not a support committee of ANY KIND for Sheriff Antinoro.
  1. How the 60 seconds for speaking applied to EVERY member of the committee at the meeting when addressing the resolution.
  1. How attendees who were not members of the SCRCC were also granted 60 seconds to each speak to the resolution. This was not a requirement according to parliamentary procedure, but in light of the subject matter, the majority of the SCRCC voted to allow non-members to speak.
  1. How if someone could not get their opinion expressed in 60 seconds, there was no rule against someone else finishing their thoughts for them.

Yesterday, I picked up my mail, and in it were yet more letters from your recall committee. One letter contained outright lies about the SCRCC, and accused me of being on a team for Antinoro. That is patently untrue. There is no “Team Antinoro.” Now as far as the lies about the SCRCC:  I had addressed your “misconceptions” about that meeting in full detail last week, yet you disseminated them to the entire county in your letter. Your misconceptions grew from misinformation to outright lies because of that. You also suffer from selective memory, in that if you were so knowledgeable about where I stood on this recall, you would surely have noticed that I voted “YES” to enable you to speak! If I was so pro-Antinoro, I would have raised my red card to silence you.

You, Mr. Thompson have no idea of how I voted on that Resolution Against The Recall. I may have been one of the four who voted against. That’s why the balloting was secret. If it was not, I’m positive that you would have printed the names of all the people who voted for it in one of your letters.

And again, the members of the SCRCC were elected long before your recall committee raised its head. If Antinoro and his future family members are on that committee, it’s because they SHOWED UP at their precinct meetings, county convention and SCRCC meetings. They had to do this consistently over the past YEAR to maintain their membership.

As you were once an attorney, I suggest you contact the Chairman of the NV GOP, and file a complaint about this SCRCC meeting.


You state in your letter that the meeting was not properly noticed. Please give Chairman Michael McDonald all your evidence supporting this purported fact. I invite you go make your best effort to have Chairman Jim Hindle, Vice Chairman John Herrington, Secretary Clay Mitchell, and Treasurer Breck Greninger (the Executive Board when the Resolution was written) reprimanded by the state party for their “improperly noticed meeting.” When you have your response from Chairman McDonald, please give a full report to the county, in a mass mailing. That would only be proper.

In closing, I am outraged that my almost ten years of active participation in our county and state Republican party is being defamed in a letter full of lies. It is this type of rabid vindictiveness that has caused people to fear speaking out.


Cynthia Kennedy

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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