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Daily Archives: April 1, 2017

April Fools vandalize Antinoro Signs

In a move that left a thick residue of desperation all over the crime scene, Four flags were stolen from the Antinoro banners in Gold Hill. The flags, two American and two Nevadan were removed from the banners on either side of Highway 342 during the evening. Although the flags …

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Stand Against Corruption – Part Two

As we mentioned in Part One of this series, Pat Whitten was indignant about the term “Stand Against Corruption” in a recent copy of the local newsprint fish wrap. I couldn’t help but chuckle about his insistence that the County of Storey has the whitest whites and the brightest colors …

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Editorial – Stand Against Corruption, Part One

After reading  a Storey County Manager Pat Whitten protest the use of the phrase “Stand Against Corruption” in the local fish wrap (the Comstock Virginia Chronicle City News), I couldn’t help but think about that line from Macbeth about thine protest of innocence. He was offended that anyone would call …

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What is a Sheriff Really Worth?

After the financial disclosures of the recall committee, as residents and taxpayers of Storey County, we all have an interesting dilemma to consider given the recall election: 1.      We have a Commissioner that is our great benefactor, he is willing to organize a recall (after denying he was involved), obtain …

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