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Editorial – Stand Against Corruption, Part One

After reading  a Storey County Manager Pat Whitten protest the use of the phrase “Stand Against Corruption” in the local fish wrap (the Comstock Virginia Chronicle City News), I couldn’t help but think about that line from Macbeth about thine protest of innocence. He was offended that anyone would call into question the clean of the that squeaks from every orifice of Storey County governance was being called into question.

Later in the article, Mr. Whitten whipped out a card from the Saul Alinsky’s rulebook;  Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. (Kris Thompson must have loaned his copy to Pat; I can’t imagine Pat has his own copy).

By suggesting Sheriff Antinoro has deep rooted ties to the Hell’s Angels because they helped him plant some trees in a park one day is as laughable as telling us that a Sheriff doesn’t need to carry a gun he is simply a bureaucrat acting as the Sheriff.

And yet when County Manager Whitten was County Sheriff Whitten that is exactly what he did. In an article from the 2002 Nevada Appeal:

Storey County Sheriff Pat Whitten does not have the special certification needed to use a gun in the line of duty, an issue that surfaced at this week’s county commissioner’s meeting.

“I remember his promise to comply, right after his election,” said Storey County resident Jaunita Cox. “He hasn’t done that and I demand he be investigated for malfeasance of office and oath of office violations.”

Whitten, who is running for sheriff this year, said he is an administrator, not a police officer.

“I’ve never hidden my lack of POST certification and I find this type of dirty politics disgusting and reprehensible,” he said. “I welcome any comments.”

According to a statement issued by the Storey County District Attorney’s Office this week, Whitten is qualified to act as the administrator of the Storey County Sheriff’s Office.

Nevada Revised Statutes don’t outline any qualifications for the office, saying only that a county sheriff has the powers of a peace officer.

According to Statute 289.550, peace officers must obtain certification within one year of hire. A person who doesn’t become certified within the statutory time cannot exercise the powers of a peace officer.

“A county sheriff may serve as an executive officer in the role of an administrator and supervisor of a law enforcement agency without exercising peace officer powers,” said a statement released by Virgil Bucchianeri, Storey County district attorney.

Protesting Dirty Politics.

The more things change, the more they stay the same in Storey County.

Stay Tuned.

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Hahahaha! Did you read how Gilman recused himself from the selection of a new sheriff if his recall is successful. I heard he even said that Roger Norman wouldn’t be involved. SINCE WHEN is Roger Norman an OFFICER of the COUNTY??????? That’s how far gone this beffuddled buffoon is, that he let’s the cat out of the bag saying that his boss won’t choose a new sheriff. But even though this exercise in bad, corrupt, and snake-bellied judgement isn’t going to happen, these two nefarious nabobs couldn’t lie their way out of convention of scaliwags. If THERE WAS a new sheriff selection, you can bet that they would have told Whitten, McBride & McGuffin in no uncertain terms WHO those three were supposed to appoint, NO ifs, ands, or BUTTS! EVERYONE knows by know that Gilman calls the shots in this county, and his strings are pulled by that Svengali, Norman.

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