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Sheriff Won’t Challenge Recall Findings

In a press release, Sheriff Antinoro indicated that he will not challenge the findings of the Storey County Clerk’s office and will let the people of Storey County decide if he will serve the remainder of his elected term.

“My attorney has identified several areas where legal challenges could be made however, not having the financial resources available to me as those controlled by the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center developers that are behind the recall, I have to forego my legal options and submit it to the people of Storey County. ” Sheriff Antinoro explained in a press release dated March 3rd.

The announcement paves the way for the Recall Election to proceed.

To read the Press Release, click here.

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  1. A top Walker aide said today the Republican governor won ’ t challenge any of the one million signatures submitted on petitions seeking his recall from office because his campaign staff ran out of time to go through them all.

    • In this case there were 594 signatures officially submitted. The Sheriff would have been risking 20k for a favorable ruling. As we were there as the signatures were verified, he would have been better off taking the 20k and putting it on a blackjack hand. Better odds for a victory.

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