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Will Special Interests Control Storey County for the Next Four Years?

Special Interest Money Dominates Storey County Commissioner Races As the first weekend of early voting draws to a close in Storey County, The four candidates vying for the two open County Commission seats filed their financial documents. They are very telling. Candidate Filings According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s …

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Court Dismissed 7 of 8 Charges in Gilman v. Toll

court dismissed 7 of 8 charges in Gilman v. Toll

First District Court Dismissed 7 of 8 Charges in Gilman v. Toll On April 9th, 2018, The Honorable James E. Wilson Jr. of the First District Court dismissed 7 of 8 charges in Gilman v. Toll. In his ruling, Judge Wilson dismissed the arguments of Lance Gilman who hoped to …

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Leadership – Sunday Word Of The Day

leadership |ˈlēdərˌSHip| noun The action of leading a group of people or an organization: different styles of leadership. The state or position of being a leader: the leadership of the party. [treated as singular or plural] the leaders of an organization, country, etc.: a change of leadership had become desirable. …

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Teller Files Criminal Complaint with Storey DA, Sheriff

On March 28th, 2017, The Storey Teller filed a public record request with Assistant County Manager, Planning Director and all around busy guy Austin Osborne. In this request we asked for the zoning of the Mustang Ranch Compound, specifically to see if any section of the property was zoned residential. …

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