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Republicans Re-Elect McDonald as Party Chairman

Nevada’s Republican Central Committee Meets In Northern Nevada.

By Don Dike-Anukam

On Saturday, September 7th, the Nevada Republican Party Central Committee gathered in Winnemucca to elect a leadership team to lead the party in 2020. Three candidates, Michael McDonald of Las Vegas, Mesquite City Councilwoman Annie Black, and former 4th District Congressional candidate David McKeon all vied for party chair.

Nevada Republicans voted to give Michael McDonald unprecedented fourth consecutive term for by a margin of 103 votes. Michael J. McDonald received 205 votes. Annie Black got 102 votes while David McKeon received 54 votes. McDonald’s has been chairman of the Nevada Republican since 2012.

The party reelected the entire slate of current state Leadership team along with McDonald.  State GOP Vice-Chairman Jim DeGraffenreid III  won with 211 votes Former Nevada Regent and Controller Ron Knecht got 78 votes.  Incumbent Party Secretary Barb Hawn received 195 votes while Diane Baranowski received 161. Treasurer Michael Bertrand ran unopposed.

State Republicans hope Nevada will maintain its place as a battleground state leading up to the November 2020 general election. Many Nevada political observers note that the Nevada Republicans are outspent and outorganized by the Democratic National Committee. Democratic-leaning interest groups and better Democratic Party/Candidate coordination in the previous two cycles have lead to their strong showing.

One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish. Blue Fish.

Democrats control of both the State Assembly and Senate and three of the four congressional seats. Democrats also hold both US Senate seats and five out of six State Constitutional offices. Republicans are scrambling to recover after seeing their influence across northern Nevada being eroded by Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Republicans hope President Trump and the Republican National Committee to help with both political and financial support in the coming months. With this help, they anticipate the 2020 election can turn the tide in this key election before the census in 2021.

While Republicans look forward to 2020, they are still stinging from the 2018 election. Spirited discussions centered around how to better position the Nevada Republican Party for 2020. Incumbent Michael McDonald leveraged his strengths and ties to the President. Nevada Republicans expect President Trump to help their political and financial efforts to repaint the state red in the 2020 election.

Other business of note, Nevada Republicans also voted to forgo a caucus in February 2020. The body will nominate or can choose to nominate a nominee at a later unannounced date. Skipping the caucus process will save the state party perhaps $150,000 in 2020 according to sources. However binding of delegates to the convention will take place at a later date.


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Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Sam Toll, 9/8/19
    Once again proving he is a real reporter, reporting for a real NEWSPAPER.
    All honest citizens anxiously wait for the only honest Supreme Court decision possible in the bogus attack against you by the whore house owner.

    Sam DNA Dehne

  2. I don’t understand why Republicans would re-elect their party chair. The Republican Party in Nevada is in shambles. We have watched our state go from red to blue. Republicans need new leadership. The status quo will see Republicans lose more elections.

    • Stephen,

      Given the overwhelming failures of the Republicans under McDonald’s watch, it is amazing to me how strongly the Nevada delegation supports this guy. From the largest tax increase in Nevada history foisted upon us by a Republican Governor and Legislature to the abatement giveaways in Clark and Storey Counties to the fanny whipping they got in 2018, this guy’s legacy will be more of the same.

      Get ready for the blue wave to crash down upon the red counties forcing them to look to the State of Jefferson for inspiration.

    • I disagree with both you Stephen, and Editor Sam, as perhaps some of the blame should be on the caliber of the candidates and ELECTED OFFICIALS themselves. Some of those so called Republicans or more like it, RINO’s, were “NEVER TRUMPers” and most likely the electorate remembered their horrific statements and voting records.

      I also understand that some of the failure must be laid upon the County Party Chairmen who often put such barriers in the election process and in fighting that there was no possible way for a candidate to win. Their duty is to make sure their counties have money and volunteers to help their candidates. Unfortunately, some candidates simply register as a Republican and actually are not!

      I agree with your criticism with some of the past RINO’s who appeared to come from the Deep State Cabal with a New World Order agenda rather than a Nevada agenda. These “creatures” hurt Clark and Storey by “giving away the farm” so to speak and that harmed the surrounding counties who are still writhing from those economic disasters and we should never forget.

      But the Nevada delegation supports “this guy” Michael McDonald because he has done so much for the Nevada Republican Party and we are aware of his efforts. McDonald is a friend of our President Donald J. Trump and has gotten Nevada many benefits.

      One example was Trump’s appearance at our quarterly meeting at Lake Tahoe where he turned down a fund raising event in California and honored his commitment with Michael. That dinner was amazing and to me solidified not only Trump’s commitment to Nevada but McDonald’s commitment to the Nevada Republican Central Committee.

      My personal benefit was when I talked to McDonald about the ILLEGAL ALIEN who is accused of MURDERING my two dear friends (the David’s) in Reno. I spoke to Michael McDonald about how many of us were suffering over this (David’s were Reno Rodeo and Elk’s to name a few organizations) so he spoke to the President. During the State of the Union speech, I got a text from Chairman McDonald just as the POTUS announced the family of my dear murdered friends whom he had flown in and gotten seats for the State of the Union event. Michael texted, “Trump did this for you!” well, I started crying and knew positively how close our Chairman was with the President! Nevada also was the talking point for quite awhile, nationally, when Trump Tweeted about these horrific deaths (four MURDERED) and all because of the association and friendship with Nevada’s Chairman and members.

      I also remember when our President Trump first got elected. I was sitting next to Michael McDonald when he got a cellphone call from Trump. I could overhear the conversation and the President was asking Michael for his opinion on an appointment. Therefore, the rumors about “no connection to Trump” are bluntly false!

      Perhaps you two are unaware what the state GOP chair job entails? The Chairman’s and Leadership’s job is to facilitate the business of the State Central Committee including National Republican Party business, field problems, assist with Public Relations, help with State and National elections but not to pick the winners and losers. The facilitating comes with registrations, getting out the vote, making arrangements for events and trumpeting republican values and positions. The candidate and their team are the ones who raise money, pick running mates and can generally make many horrible decisions. The State only is there to help facilitate.

      Then there is my favorite subject of Voter Fraud! Yes, I absolutely believe that there actually is voter fraud in Nevada and have testified before the Nevada Legislature. The problem is NONE of the cases brought before the Attorney General by the Secretary of State’s office were PROSECUTED!

      It is very ease armchair quarterbacking….but, if you want change, become a member of the State Republican Central Committee–PARTICIPATE by making suggestions, motions and volunteering to get the action you would like to see. As you may or may not know, I became a non-paid Registered Citizen Lobbyist, I volunteered for lots of things, became a Paralegal, became a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians, was the Storey Co Republican Chairman and held many offices. Politics is a very exhausting and demanding sport.

      Yes, sometimes its good to get new blood, but there is another thing to consider and the saying is “jumping from the frying Pan into the fire.” Had there been qualified candidates to choose from, perhaps the results would have been different……

      Yes, perhaps the membership of the Nevada Republican Party actually know what is going on within our state and can and will work even harder to regain our status.

      Until then, we have to find the caliber of candidates who will act and honor what our Platform suggests and what our goals for the Nevada Republican Party should be.

  3. Sam, I usually respect your judgement, but not this time. In case you didn’t know, Nevada has been overrun by a HUGE influx of Californians who are registered DEMOCRATS! How is McDonald supposed to change that? I listened to the state democrat candidates this last go-round. They ran on tax & spend. ONLY a DEMOCRAT would vote for that BS & they did! They move here & want it to be just like California. You, Bloyd & Dehne give us the secret formula to turning these progressives into conservatives. We’re waiting…….where is it? McDonald proved there was voter fraud. You hear of any prosecutions?…crickets….McDonald doesn’t control the AG. Did you look at McDonald’s opponents? The jerk from LV got the fewest votes because he BANKRUPTED Clark County GOP. The woman who ran is someone 99.9% of the the Central Cmte members couldn’t even identify in a line-up before she threw her hat in the ring. So, you don’t know why the SCC re-elected McDonald? They would have been FOOLS if they didn’t! Before McDonald, Nevada GOP had a rapid succession of Chairs after “Lights Out Lowdown” (she stole the 2008 convention from the Ron Paul delegates who were winning the votes to be national delegates, shut down the convention & then months later “anointed” delegates, read: good friends). There wasn’t a chair who stayed more than a year before resigning, until McDonald came along. McDonald’s job is to run/manage the party. It would be nice if he could elect candidates with a wave that would sweep thousands of liberals back to California. It would be nice if he handpicked candidates & kept the RINO’s from running. He can’t do that, either. Laxalt & Heller were “Never Trumpers,” Didn’t work too good for them, did it? Also, Laxalt hitched up with “tax & spend” Roberson, loathed by the state GOP & one of his managers was that jerk from LV who just lost his bid to be Chair. I must say though, that if you think McDonald has God-like powers, he must be doing something right! I also got to say to all the libertarians out there – QUIT YOUR BITCHIN’! If you don’t want democrats to win, then get on the wagon & help finance, and elect good Republicans. You’re dreaming if you think a libertarian is ever going to be a governor, US Senator, or US Congressman in this state!

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