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Two Storey County Businesses Seek Environmental Permits

We talk a lot about the impact of the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. The impact of TRIC is both positive and negative financially. Tesla is paying for extra fire equipment and Sheriff deputies to offset their impact on the budget. The property taxes paid at the park have been steadily growing over the years. We hear that Blockchains plans to build a  “Smart City” (whatever that means) out at Painted Rock. Blockchains also has an ambitious, albeit murky, vision of an “Innovation Park” at TRIC that will somehow incubate the blockchain technology.

But what are some of the impacts of businesses at TRIC? In the past, most of the companies operating at TRIC were light warehouse and had little environmental impact. However, today there are companies at the park involved in manufacturing processes that could impact the quality of our environment. Air Quality is one area that should concern all of us in Northern Nevada. People who visit the Bay Area and the Southland know what horrible air quality can be found in California. Another environmental concern is the health of the Truckee River. Companies at TRIC in close proximity to the Truckee could negatively impact the Truckee should an incident occur.

The Teller has learned that two TRIC companies are applying for permits that could impact our environment. These companies are ERG Materials and Aerospace Corp and Asia Union Electronic Chemicals.

ERG Materials and Aerospace Corp

ERG produces metallic foam. Their process involves producing a template of the end product, placing the template through a burnout process using furnaces with thermal oxidizers for control, and the output of that process is then employed to produce the final product. They are applying for a permit to emit roughly 60 tons of hazardous compounds into the air.

The complete application is provided at the end of this article.

For perspective, your car emits between 4.5 and 10 tons of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide a year into the air.

Asia Union Electronic Chemicals

Asia Union Electronic Chemicals is seeking to construct a facility near the Truckee River that produces very toxic chemicals. The Teller briefly mentioned AUEC when they flew Gary Hames and Austin Osborne to Taiwan to see their Taiwanese manufacturing facility. They are looking to build the first facility to handle these outside Asia. Should a catastrophic accident occur, there could be a serious danger to employees and first responders. Due to their close proximity to the Truckee, the safety of the river could be threatened.

According to the permit application, their proposed facility will produce 49% Hydrofluoric Acid, 37% Hydrochloric Acid, 40% Ammonium Fluoride and 29% Ammonium Hydroxide.

The State of Nevada’s Division of Environmental Protection is seeking public comment for these planned permits. The Teller encourages concerned Storey County citizens to contact NDEP with any concerns they might have.

Storey County residents wishing to comment on the permit for ERG Materials and Aerospace Corp should submit their comments to Ashley Taylor, P.E., GISP, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Air Pollution Control, 901 S. Stewart Street, Suite 4001, Carson City, NV 89701. We will track down a phone number for Ashley and post it once we have it.

Storey County residents wishing to comment on the construction permit for Asia Union Electronic Chemicals should contact Craig Sever, Staff Engineer, Bureau of Air Pollution Control, 901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001 Carson City, Nevada 89701-5249 or call him at (775) 687-9345.

ERG Materials and Aerospace Corp Class II Air Quality Operating Permit Application


Asia Union Electronic Chemicals Construction Permit Application



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  1. Sam Toll,
    Great Detective work.
    But nothing to see here.
    Move along.
    Don’t forget – Storey County’s TRIC bosses
    have the fastest Permitting Process ($$$)
    in America.
    Sam DNA Dehne
    And let’s not forget TRIC has “tricked” Nevada
    citizens into sending them all the free effluent water
    they want. And to even pay to build and operate
    the massive multi $$$million dollar pipeline that
    delivers the water to TRIC.
    Only in TRIC, Nevada, USA…

  2. cashion callaway

    Thank you for this ST. Environmental issues that concern Storey County concern Lyon County as well. I reckon your info will come up during public comment at the next Silver City town meeting.

    • While the impact is far from us folks up here in Silver City/Gold Hill/Virginia City, the impact in Northern Nevada can’t be ignored.

  3. Like always, appreciate information and perspective from the Storey Teller.

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