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Storey County Commissioner Compare & Contrast

Candidates – Compare and Contrast

Storey County Commission Candidates – Compare and Contrast

Storey County Commissioner Compare & Contrast
The first Question in Louisiana’s 1964 “Voter Literacy Test”. Go to the bottom of this article to see if you could pass this test in 10 minutes without making a single wrong answer. Good Luck!

In considering a candidate, there are voters who look for experience and performance. Others voters relate to personality and likeability. Still others look for knowledge and a sharp mind. Then there are the ones who only vote for the D or the R. I believe that the most important thing a voter can do is become informed and vote intelligently. Some people think showing an ID to get a ballot is a good thing; I am more concerned with Voter IQ. I think it’s better to show up to the ballot box with a brain than a drivers license. Hence our series on the candidates – compare and contrast.

This Is Not A Prom Queen Popularity Contest

While running for office is a contest, it isn’t a popularity contest. After all, we aren’t electing prom queens, we are selecting the people who will make decisions that will impact us all as they lead us into the future. We need this person to have the interests of all residents, voters or not, in mind. The last 4 years of the Storey County Commission has conducted business with Jack McGuffey sitting between The Bucket of Blood owner Marshall McBride and TRIC & Blockchains executive and Mustang Ranch owner Lance Gilman. How has that worked out?

While some great things have happened in the County (primarily at TRIC), many other areas of the County have not fared so well. Four years after McGuffey’s election, County revenues are projected to be below where they were when he took office and before Tesla broke ground. According to Transparent Nevada, the County has added 12 bodies, the County’s payroll expense has climbed 17.5%. and, according to the Storey County Controllers Office, the budget expenses has grown at 23.15 %. The County paved the parking lot for a cool million, bought the Pipers Opera House and the Pipers residence.

Read. Think. Vote.

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, the Comstock Chronicle printed interviews with Storey County Commission Candidates Jay Carmona and Nicole Barde. The interviews provide a fair comparison between the two candidates. By reading the candidate’s own words side by side (well, actually one on top of the other) it is easy to get a feel for which candidate might be better equipped to represent you.

For those of you who don’t read the Chronicle, I provide each Interview with Jay Carmona and Nicole Barde. These interviews are quite revealing. They reveal what the candidates choose to share with us and shed light on the depth of each person running.


Storey County Commissioner Compare & ContrastStorey County Commissioner Compare & Contrast

Storey County Commissioner Compare & Contrast  Storey County Commissioner Compare & Contrast


Compare and Contrast – candidate’s statements and let their own words help you get a feel for who is more prepared to lead the County into the future.

Filed under C for couldn’t resist: Read the headlines of each story and tell me what district the Virginia City Highlands is in. Dude, seriously.

Filed under F for full disclosure: I am assisting Nicole Barde with her campaign. I believe she is the person we need to sit between McBride and Gilman while standing between us, our wallets, and the Special Interests with the Big Money who have been taking advantage of us since forever…

Editors Note: Apparently the Prom Queen headline wrankled both candidates. Ms. Barde reached out to The Teller and scolded us for being sexist. Mr. Carmona’s campaign hit us with the comment below. We were going to change Prom Queen to Class President, but since we properly annoyed both campaigns, we’ll just leave it be. If the candidates have skin this thin now, just wait until we start looking at their information and start asking actual questions.

Storey County Commissioner Compare & Contrast

The Louisiana Voter Literacy Test.

There is some question as to the tests provenance. For more on that, click here.

I double dog dare you to get this page done in 600 seconds or less.

Storey County Commissioner Compare & Contrast


Can you complete this page in 200 seconds?


Storey County Commissioner Compare & Contrast
Divide a vertical line in two equal parts by bisecting it with a curved horizontal line that is only straight in its spot bisection of the vertical. Um, what?



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  1. My mistake in printing Jay was running in District 2. My notes clearly say District 5. I will run a correction for “my” error, not Jay’s.

  2. Great post! No opinions just their words. The real question is are you voting in a popularity contest or an election where our future quality of life and financial well being is being decided. You dont have to look very far to understand who has the experience to move us forward and who just wants something to do.
    Please vote. We need someone who understands our issues, not a person who again will be learning on the job from their teammates.

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