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Storey County May 2018 Taxable Sales Numbers Down

May 2018 Taxable Sales (and Storey County Revenues) Continue to Fall Despite “continued growth” at TRIC.

The State of Nevada’s Department of Taxation released the May 2018 Taxable Sales data last week. While the rest of Nevada enjoys strong double-digit growth, Storey County taxable sales continue to fall. If the trend continues, Storey County taxable sales could be 300 million below last years record pace.

Storey County’s May 2018 Taxable Sales came in at $ 95,570,577 compared with $ 145,673,690 from May, 2017; a difference of $ 50,103,113. The May numbers represent the fourth consecutive month that taxable sales have been less than previous years sales.

In looking at the numbers, there are two separate trends that caught my eye. Both should be very troubling to our county leaders and County Commission Candidates.

Trend One – Construction Growth At TRIC

We often hear how good things are at TRIC. At nearly every County Commissioners Meeting we hear about the “Miracle In Storey County” being the driving force in Storey County and northern Nevada. While this is true from a property tax and personal property tax standpoint, current numbers suggest the growth is slowed and may have peaked.

Looking at key growth indicators, the boom is clearly on hold. Only time will tell if it is in fact over.

Activity Indicator20182017% increase Decrease
Construction of Buildings$14,147,471.00$26,773,054.00-47.16%
Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction$4,402,285.00$6,069,959.00-27.47%
Specialty Trade Contractors$61,228,309.00$107,302,152.00-42.94%

Trend Two – Manufacturing & Wholesalers

The second trend in considering the overall health of the TRIC is looking at the manufacturing numbers. These numbers reflect the overall health of the companies who make stuff at TRIC. These numbers are of greater concern as they represent the long-term health and well being of the makers out at TRIC. 

Activity Indicator

20182017% increase Decrease
Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing$33,379.00$201,571.00-83.44%
Chemical Manufacturing$1,018,196.00$1,394,725.00-27.00%
Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing$783,518.00$731,597.007.10%
Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing$1,482,669.00$5,115,255.00-71.01%
Primary Metal Manufacturing$3,438,529.00$13,192,708.00-73.94%
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing$7,653,300.00$41,819,050.00-81.70%
Machinery Manufacturing$26,803,148.00$29,157,317.00-8.07%
Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing$334,577.00$191,776.0074.46%
Electric Equip, Appliance & Comp Manufacturing$212,718.00$27,693.00668.13%
Transportation Equipment Manufacturing$30,098,279.00$3,676.00818677.99%
Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing$502,585.00$525,231.00-4.31%
Miscellaneous Manufacturing$1,545,521.00$194,538.00694.46%
Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods$466,649,262.00$774,898,432.00-39.78%
Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable Goods$3,695,460.00$3,278,329.0012.72%

What’s Next For Storey County?

Property Taxes and Personal Property Taxes continue to climb. However, they represent much less potential revenue than Sales Taxes. For example. Total property taxes for TRIC were roughly $5.5 million dollars last fiscal year. Had our sales taxes not been abated, the County would have deposited $ 88 million dollars.

Looking to November, we need to choose our next County Commissioner wisely. Check the qualifications. Listen to what they say and don’t say about the issues facing Storey County.  The person we elect will have to have the strength and courage to stand up for us.

Hasta la Victoria, Siempre!

Fun Facts:

Storey County Commissioner Marshall McBride called me a liar in an open meeting and in the local fish wrapper. He still hasn’t told me where I got it wrong so I can correct the alleged factual error. In case Mr. McBride is curious, I got these numbers from the Nevada Department of Taxation’s website here. If McBride thinks they’re faked, he can call NDT liars, not me.

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About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Curious – I am wondering what the retail sales tax is between last year and this.

    • Sandie,

      The total taxable sales for FY 16-17 through May of 2017 was $ 1,440,546,687. This year FY 17-18 through May 2018 is $ 1,208,877,324. Year over year taxable sales are down -16.1%

  2. Sam Toll,
    You are a Patriot Supreme.
    If there is an honest vote count Storey county will be on the
    way to investigating the mendacities and human traffikking..
    as starters.. of the Tahoe Reno Industrial Complex – TRIC
    NO! Make that the Citizens Reno Industrial Complex – CRIC
    Even more vigorously poignant make it the
    Profiteers Reno Industrial Complex.
    I will let the reader take that from there.
    Keep saving Storey County from the vermin!!!
    Sam DNA
    PS For those who missed my live extemporaneous excoriation
    of the enemies of Reno.. and citizens of Storey County.. here is
    one of my recent Reno Public Comments. There are so many
    I am having hard time finding time to get them out to the Public.
    Gilman and ilk hate Laxalt you and the Sheriff. That makes you
    my heroes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAdoFJD8DDw&t=6s

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