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Storey County Republicans Lance Gilman and Kris Thompson Support Liberal Steve Sisolak

Storey County Republicans Lance Gilman and Kris Thompson Support Liberal Democrat Steve Sisolak


In a move that has Nevada Republicans up in arms and Democrats giddy, Mustang Ranch Brothel Owner and Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman, and TRIC owner Don Roger Norman are throwing their support behind Las Vegas Liberal Steve Sisolak. Gilman made his announcement today on John Ralston’s progressive Nevada Independent online newspaper.

Brothel resident and TRIC employee Kris Thompson, Lance Gilman’s personal spokesman, and brothel bunkmate, confirmed that Gilman and Roger Norman, both Republicans, are hosting a fundraiser for Sisolak at Norman’s Pennington Mansion on August 2nd. Said Thompson: “For us, this choice of supporting Mr. Sisolak is all about business, plain and simple. Mr. Sisolak is the only candidate in the race with this record of performance and real interest in Northern Nevada business at TRI”

Interestingly, Sisolak has visited TRIC once, and his record of performance as a liberal Democrat speaks for itself. He and primary candidate Chris Giunchigliani engaged in debate after debate, each trying to out-liberal the other on issues like HealthCare (free healthcare for all), Education Spending (no ESA’s, greater access to higher education and less student debt i.e. more money for education), the Second Amendment (more laws, no assault weapons, no high capacity magazines) and more. Check out his website to see how Steve Sisolak’s values are closer to those of California those of the Silver State.

Interested In TRIC. Really?

Thompson and Gilman have read Sisolak’s statement on his website and applied a generous helping of naivete: “As a Clark County Commissioner, Steve helped recruit a new solar company to Nevada. As governor, Steve will make it a priority to continue to promote new fields and recruit job-creating companies so people all across Nevada can earn good pay with benefits to care for their families.”

Let me see if I understand this correctly. His business experience is limited to working with 6 other Commissioners to get a solar company to come to Nevada. Sounds like Sisolak needs some of the TRIC magic to rub off on him, not the other way around.

Rather than focus on how to renew the economies of rural Nevada, it is likely Sisolak will continue the Sandoval Tradition of using our tax dollars to entice (subsidize) businesses from out of state to come to places like TRIC and Las Vegas to create new jobs. Sadly, the GOED gold standard for good jobs is around $20.00 per hour. Given the complete void of affordable housing in Nevada, the gold standard of housing for these breadwinners just may be a fifth wheel trailer.

With all the shortfalls in revenues caused in part by the taxpayer giveaways to Tesla, it is hard to believe that the onslaught of jobs created by giving away taxpayer money is actually good for the taxpayers. Afterall, who is going to have to make up the difference? Fortunately for all of us, legal dope smokers are pulling more bong rips that we projected, but they can only smoke so much weed. The hard working taxpayer has to pick up the slack for all those abated jobs. Abatements will always be a liberal use of your hard-earned taxpayer dollar.

Irony abounds

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, In a May 21st debate with fellow Democrat Candidate Chris Giunchigliani, “Sisolak slammed his opponent for taking money from brothels and strip clubs. Days later Sisolak deposited $5000 from Brothel Owner Lance Gilman.

Further on in the article, the RJ continued: “When asked to raise their hands if they promised to not raise taxes as governor, neither candidate moved. Sisolak said, “everything is on the table” and that the state has to increase revenue.

This does not bode well for folks who generate unabated jobs or those of us who have taxes taken out of our paychecks.

I’ll See Your Irony and Raise You Some Hypocrisy

Endorsing Sisolak represents a remarkable break from what Kris Thompson and Lance Gilman have been saying for the past couple of years. As “staunch Republicans”, Gilman and Thompson have criticized local bloggers Sam Toll and Nicole Barde as being business hating California Liberals. Thompson has often referred to Nicole Barde as the “Nancy Pelosi Bay Area Liberal” despite the fact that she has written extensively defending Conservative (with a capital C) values of small government, lower taxes, reduced spending and opposing corporate welfare on her blog, bardeblog.com.

I find it amazing that Kris Thompson and Lance Gilman can endorse Steve Sisolak with a straight face. Thompson has gotten on the Virginia Highlands chat group and constantly (and incorrectly) slammed me as a being a raving California Liberal for opposing corporate welfare and self-serving deals benefitting the few (read Lance Gilman). For him to turn around and get into bed with someone who is an actual liberal for the sake of self-interest would be funny if it wasn’t such an obvious grasp for power and influence at the expense of our Storey County residents,” Ms. Barde told The Teller.

“I’m very disappointed that Commissioner Gilman would sacrifice the interests of the entire county and its residents for his own self-interest. Former Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak will bring California’s Progressive policies to Carson City. As Governor, Sisolak will bring higher taxes and more regulations to businesses and residents of Storey County. Nevada Democrats will hold majorities in the Assembly and Senate, and with redistricting in 2020, this could turn Nevada into East California.” explained Storey County Republican Chairman Jim Hindle.

Antinoro Again. Please. Make. It. Stop.

Thompson and Gilman were behind a full-on assault on Laxalt because of their vendetta against Storey County’s recently re-elected Sheriff  Gerald Antinoro. At the time, we were concerned that this fight would inadvertently help the Democrats. With the announcement today, it would appear that the helping the Democrats is no longer a covert operation.

However, Gilman and Thompson insist otherwise. As reported in The Indy: “Thompson also said that the (Sisolak) support had “nothing to do” with Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s connections with Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, although Norman had in April sent a letter to his office asking him to investigate several multiple claims of sexual harassment against the sheriff. 

If that was our main goal in deciding who to support in the gubernatorial campaign, wouldn’t we be supporting Mr. Laxalt, hoping he would act in the next six months?”

If only Gilman and Thompson were encouraged with Sisolak’s solid pro-business, small government, less taxes, and reduced spending record. 

Nope. In fact, Gilman and Thompson are supporting a Pelosi style liberal.

When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro

Sadly, the “main goal” for Gilman and Thompson just might be the final nail in Nevada’s swing state coffin. By supporting Sisolak, Gilman and Thompson play a hand that could permanently change Nevada from a Swing State to being forever Blue. By supporting Sisolak, Gilman and Thompson will forever earn their place at the Tax and Spend Corporate Welfare Brothel, sitting on either side of their hero Nancy Pelosi.

All this because Laxalt wouldn’t investigate Antinoro.

Thanks, fellas.


Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Guys like Kris Thompson don’t care if taxes are raised. He doesn’t pay them. He still owes California approximately $300,000.00 in back taxes.

  2. Sam, 6/30/18
    Great investigating and writing!!
    These TRIC-Turning Human Traffickers are also using the Nevada Citizens’ stolen tax-money (pilfered via the Tesla/EDAWN/TRIC gagafactory scam) to poach elections. As you succinctly point out!
    And they will probably double up on this poaching with Reno mayor race being included in the fund raiser at the “Citizens’ Pennington Ranch” (that was bought and paid for with your taxes and mine).
    The only “good” thing about these degenerates is that they give citizens things
    to be mad about. Really mad. As if citizens needed anything else…
    Thanks for having the courage and gumption. And patriotism.
    signed –
    the other Sam
    I wonder if Kris is related to Reno’s Randi (Thompson)

    • Thanks for the kind words. We’re all mad as h-e-double-toothpicks up here in Nevada’s abatement central.

      • Randi Thompson now runs “NNN”. It’s the long-time super secret cult
        that is behind just about everything that citizens should not like about Nevada govt. (Strong rumor has it that being a member demands also
        membership as an official Scientology cult zealot.)
        NNN helps oversee from corporate welfare.. to rigged elections. And most of the perverted nefarious-isms in between.

  3. People are waiting to see how Laxalt votes on the recommendations made to the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice.

    I have 4 recommendations before them now. Last time I had a recommendation to allow inmates to have DNA testing conducted after conviction at their own expense. Laxalt voted no and them changed his mind to abstain from voting.

    My recommendation did pass the ACAJ and onto the 2017 legislature and it ws passed and became law. Part of the bill was deleted by law enforcement agencies and DA’s.

    Now if Laxalt doesn’t vote for my recommendations people will shift their vote away from Laxalt

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