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October Sruprise

Lance Gilman Launches “October Surprise” Against Antinoro

Lance Gilman Launches October Surprise Against Antinoro

Lance Gilman’s Attorney Joey Gilbert released a letter to Nevada Attorney Adam Laxalt calling for Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro to face charges of sexual harassment today.

The letter (attached below), which contains salacious details gleaned from interviews and depositions taken in the Gilman V. Antinoro lawsuit, is a followup to the letter that Don Roger Norman sent to Laxalt in April (also attached below).

Nevada Attorney General’s Chief of Investigations Ron Swanson refused to act on the charges outlined in Norman’s letter as the statute of limitations had expired.

Gilbert’s letter pleads with the AG’s Office to consider details of the depositions as grounds for charges and asks Laxalt to act against Antinoro who is seeking re-election on June 12th.

Gilman’s “Team Storey” Cabal Launches October Surprise Against Antinoro

The letter is a desperate attempt by Gilman and his cabal of henchmen to influence the election. Actions like these, taken by County officials, should be prohibited by NRS.

While the letter contains lusty statements and purported excerpts of depositions that are difficult to read, what is most remarkable about this letter is who released it, who it was released to, and how I came into possession of it.

Who Released The Letter

October Surprise

As you can see from the email I received, the letter was entered into the ecosystem by Storey County Planning Commissioner, TRIC Project Manager, Gilman Family Trust Risk Manager, Mustang Brothel Resident and Lance Gilman’s Bunkmate Kris Thompson.

Looking at the time stamp, it was sent at 12:40 pm today.

Who Received The Letter

The recipient list reveals some of the cabal members:

  • Maggie Mahan – wife of former Storey County Deputy Shawn Mahan who unsuccessfully challenged Antinoro in 2104 currently employed by Lance Gilman
  • Jim Miller – Former Storey County Sheriff and the man who appointed Gerald Antinoro as his successor in 2009
  • Danny Thompson – Former Las Vegas Labor Leader and political lobbyist
  • Karen Coyne-ThompsonOriginal signer of the effort to recall Sheriff Antinoro in 2016
  • Louise PenaStorey County RSVP Coordinator in Lockwood
  • Martha O’BrienStorey County Senior Center Employee
  • Greg “Bum” Hess – Former Storey County Commissioner and current Storey County Political Affairs and Storey County School Board Lobbyist
  • Stewart Handte – Former Storey County Deputy

It is important to note that this letter went to current and former members of “Team Storey” and was delivered to them specifically so they could use it to smear mud on Gerald Antinoro in the days leading up to the election.

How can it be legal for County employees to be allowed to influence an election?

How I Got The Letter

The Letter was forwarded to me less than an hour after it left Kris Thompson’s outbox from one of the recipients listed above.

Beginning in the days following my being sued by Lance Gilman in early December, I have been the target of harassment via email. I have received more than of 60 emails ranging from amusing and sophomoric to vile and threatening. I have filed these emails with the Storey County Sheriff’s Office to establish a pattern of behavior that I am told may escalate into more dangerous actions by this individual in the future.

I have never met this person, and until I googled their name, I couldn’t have picked them out of a lineup. The emails showed up out of the blue unsolicited. I made the mistake of replying to the first one, but have not had any interaction with this person since then. While I am not afraid of anyone in Storey County, I am concerned about the safety of my daughter and my grandson as we share the same house in Gold Hill.

Some of the examples of the emails I have received:

October Surprise
It isn’t surprising that they don’t know the subtle yet monumental distinction between classic and progressive liberalism… BTW, Brit Reed is one of my all-time favorite heroes and I will be writing about him in an upcoming episode of the Green Hornet…



October Surprise
As a Nevada Native, I was already in the state for twelve years in 1974.



October Surprise
Here this person refers to Nicole Barde in an unflattering manner which is not only offensive to Ms. Barde but it should offend all women in Storey County.


The reason I am sharing these emails with you, gentle reader, is to illustrate both the above ground and below ground tactics employed by “Team Storey”. They come at you privately and publicly. They come at you to your face and behind your back. They shout and they whisper.

At all times, they are gutless cowards.

These emails don’t scare me, they make me laugh.

They should make you think about who is and who should be running this county.

October Surprise

I can smell the desperation of this letter from TRIC all the way up here in Gold Hill.

The effect of this letter will, like the efforts of Gilman’s direct mail campaign during the failed Recall Election, only strengthen the resolve of the good people of Storey County. As the last election proved,  We The People of Storey County will not allow a small-minded pimp and his henchmen to buy and sell out our Sheriff and his office.

See you on June 12th.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Joey Gilbert’s Letter:

Gilbert Letter

Don Norman’s Letter:376056535-Don-Roger-Norman-Letter-to-Laxalt-Re-Endorsement-Signed

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  1. A quick search on the internet shows that disbarred, tax-cheating lawyer Kris Thompson is still listed as one of California’s leading tax delinquents. He now owes the State of California $299,542.35. I guess “Team Storey” does not care about honesty and integrity of their appointed officials.

    This comment should not be construed as support or condemnation of Sheriff Antinoro. It is only posted to illustrate the character, or lack of, of one of the Sheriff’s most outspoken critics.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

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