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Defamation, the Sunday Word Of The Day

defamation |ˌdefəˈmāSH(ə)n| noun

The action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel:

She sued him for defamation.

Readers of The Teller have seen me share my responses to Kris Thompson’s musings on the Virginia City Highlands email chat group. I post them here. As expected, Disbarred California Attorney, TRIC Project Manager, Storey County Planning Board Member, Mustang Ranch resident, bunkmate and personal yapdog of Commissioner Gilman Kris Thompson, defended the good Commissioner in the virtual town square with his 268th post to the chat group.

I don’t have it in for Commissioner Gilman. I have it in for waste, abuse, cronyism and self-interest over public interest.

If Commissioner Gilman feels threatened by my attention, that should tell you, gentle reader, something.

You can read my response below his tripeish support of the tender feelings of the Mustang Ranch Family:

I can see the crew (Toll/Barde/Carmona) are arm in arm still trying to find a way to get one of them elected to a position of power by going after Lance.  
I don’t speak for Lance or his attorney on this post, as they will say everything they have to say to the judge and jury.
But I will mention a couple things. First, readers should notice that Toll/Barde/Carmona crew do not deny that the Toll lied about a number of facts in his posts – as stated in the complaint.  Their argument apparently is that it’s perfectly fine to lie or say anything you want about anyone because the author has the protection of the First Amendment.  That is not true.
Second, Toll/Barde/Carmona have been totally  obsessed with trying to tear Lance Gilman down in every way.  If you look at Toll’s posts, virtually every single one was trying to rip into Lance. Toll clearly has some personal vendetta or obsession against Lance, and is being supported by his two partners, Barde and Carmona.
It seems their sole purpose in trying to get one of their crew elected is to obtain a position in power in order to hurt or wipe out Lance or the Mustang.  That’s all they talk about, especially Toll. Lance, the Mustang, and TRI.
Third, so-called parody mentioned by Jed is not part the complaint at all, and the jokes and pictures and insults and the insinuations about having sex with animals in that post are not part of the complaint.
Although it’s not mentioned in the complaint, a couple comments are in order about that post which Toll claims (only at the very end of the post in small type)  is satire.  The so-called parody Toll posted about Lance and I was highly offensive.  That post went far, far beyond the pale.
I ask all the readers that happened to read that post, how would you feel if you had something like that posted about you for your children and your grandchildren and their children to read?  It will now be there forever, as long as there is an internet, it will be there.    Lance has four children and 10 grandkids who will read that at some point, if they haven’t already read it.  That hurts.
I gave Toll and Barde the courtesy of a private written request asking them retract it – to remove it – and they just blew off my request. Not even a response.
And I ask each reader to imagine how the 120 people who work at the Mustang resort feel after seeing that post?   There are workers at the Mustang, many in fact, who have been there many many years. They are dedicated long term workers and managers.   They depend on that business to put food on their families table, and to buy presents for their kids at this time of year.   The Mustang has gone to great lengths to support this community and to be a good corporate citizen.  They follow the rules, which isn’t easy when you are the most regulated business in the state and you have a particular regulator over you that is looking for any excuse to find something wrong.  The Mustang and it’s people deserve far better than to have things like the things that were in that post by Toll said about them.  They’ve worked hard to grow the business and elevate their own lives, only to have the vile things said about them and their place of work, which was spread all over the County and beyond.  It ain’t right to do that.
Thanks for considering my post.

Mr. Thompson,

I alone am responsible for my work.

I defend my actions chin up and head on; I don’t employ a spokesperson or a lawyer to cower behind.
I don’t know why you continue be terrified by some paranoid, tin foil wrapped conspiracy theory.
There is no conspiracy.

It’s all me, Mr. Thompson; The Cheese Stands Alone.

Luckily, the men who founded this great country anticipated guys like you and Commissioner Gilman; they amended The Constitution of The United States to protect a free press.
Thankfully, The Supreme Court protects free speech which includes satire thanks, most notably, to Commissioner Gilman’s fellow industry colleague Larry Flint; “small print” notwithstanding.
Once upon a time the Father of American Satire, Mark Twain, worked on C Street here in the “Richest Place On Earth”.
His satire changed the nation’s views on the absurdities of racism and shared the wonder of Jumping Frogs.
Sometimes satire is the best way to reveal absurdity and draw attention to the ills of society, great and small.
Speaking of absurdity, I wrote my satire piece (which can be read here) suspecting that Grandpa Lance’s tender flock of innocents had been nurtured by this video (warning, graphic adult content, not suitable for children) where, at the 3:19 mark, Grandfather Gilman reveals the happy family tradition of “Hunt a Ho”. 
The look on Grandpa Gilman’s face as he describes this disgusting “game” reveals a lot about the character I stand accused of defaming.

Go figure.

Finally, I found out this week I don’t stand alone.
I have been amazed at the outpouring of support that literally hundreds of members of this community have shared with me upon hearing of the news of your employer’s actions.
From County Employees.
From Elected Officials.
From people who don’t live in the County but know of it, sadly, by it’s reputation.
Most of this support has come from people I have never met.
People who appreciate the courage it takes to speak out against waste, abuse, cronyism and self-interest.
My heart and resolve are strengthened by the remarkable outpouring of warmth and support from the good citizens of Storey County.
My Daughter, my Grandson and I thank you and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Good Tidings from the Snowy Warmth of Gold Hill.

Hasta la Victoria, Siempre!

Sam Toll – The Storey Teller.

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. “Disbarred California Attorney, TRIC Project Manager, Storey County Planning Board Member, Mustang Ranch resident, bunkmate and personal yapdog of Commissioner Gilman Kris Thompson”. You forgot “Tax Evader”.

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