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TRIC Executive Shoves Foot in Mouth – Part Three

Another Storey Teller post, another slam dance in the mosh pit that is the Virginia City Highlands email chat group with TRIC Project Manager, Storey County Planning Commissioner and Lance Gillman bunkmate Kris Thompson.

This time, Mr. Thompson took umbrage with the article we posted about the residence he used to claim county residence. You can read about the criminal complaint we filed here.

In an effort to divert attention away from the facts, he referred to me as a hyprcrite for calling him out. My response contains facts that shed light into why the TRIC park is a great thing for Northern Nevada but not so great for the Taxpayers and residents of Storey County.

For those of you who don’t bother with the “irrelevant” VCH Chat Group, I’ll post Mr Thompson’s prose, my response and then a few other comments from the peanut gallery.

From Mr Thompson:

This will respond to Mr. Toll.
I hope all the readers see the glaring hypocrisy here…
The Barde/Toll/Carmona cabal has lectured us all for months now about how Storey County should not spend ONE PENNY on economic development.  Not one penny.   And they always lecture us about how the County helping to create 10,000 jobs out here and $1.6 billion in taxable sales has actually been a stupid move they say….and that all of us are idiots for thinking TRI has been a success for the County.    They nitpick and harangue every single financial decision made by the County.
But now they gleefully have filed complaints, apparently in every possible county department, in an effort to “get” or “hurt” Lance and I.   This is causing the County to spend massive amounts of payroll time and expense, funded by you good taxpayers, on their personal vendetta to try to hurt Lance and I.
The hypocrisy in this is just rich.
Thanks for considering my post….
I think my good judgment is now reasserting control over my fingers and I hope I can ignore posts from these three in the future…but boy this is a good one to end on as it shows the true colors of this crew….
Thanks for considering my post.


My reply:

Mr. Thompson 

The complaint was filed by me. Mr Carmona and Ms Barde knew nothing about it until they read about it on The Teller. Don’t suggest otherwise as it is disingenuous.
Thinks we are here to nitpick and harangue every financial decision made by the County. As I reminded him at the most recent Commissioners Meeting (which you can read Ms Barde’s dissection of here), words matter. Calling our tax revenue “profit” matters. Not referring to the $50 million Dollar TRIC credit card as “debt” matters.
I would use scrutinize in place of nitpicking. I am looking into the details of the facts to see if they are in the best interest of all county taxpayers or a select few. 
I would use criticize in place of harangue. I consider it the duty of every citizen to criticize leadership if they see what they consider to be wrongdoing. 
It’s about as bedrock American as it gets. 
Since the Comstock Chronicle is nothing more than a collection of pom-pom waving fluffers for Comstock Mining, TRIC and the “leadership” cabal inside the Courthouse, someone has to shine the light of day on the goings on and watch the cockroaches scurry.
If that makes Mr Thompson uncomfortable, that should tell you, kind reader, something… 
Here are some facts to consider about this post

  • 1.6 Billion in taxable sales will result in perhaps 5.5 Million to Storey County. 5.5 Million (according to Controller Gallagher) is a GREAT number. However, it represents 0.0034375% of the taxable sales. 3.4 hundredths of a percent. Which means the tax abatements negate any real windfall on these one time, non-recurring sales. 
  • 1.6 billion in sales are spectacular for companies around the world, around Northern Nevada and in Reno specifically, but the cash is not spent in Storey County. 
  • 5.5 Million in tax revenue is GREAT, but… 35% of that “profit” goes to pay the TRIC Note/Debt/Credit Card/Whatever you call it. So that means we get 3,575,000 of “profit” I mean tax revenue to spend. That represents 0.002234375% of the taxable sales. 
  • According to the Annual Tesla review done by GOED (which you can read here), the Tesla factory employed 896 folks and Panasonic employed 440 folks. They are paid 38.36 per hour. This is GREAT, but how many people from Storey County are employed at Tesla and Panasonic?
  • According to the same report, there were a remarkable 5947 construction jobs created. This is GREAT, but these jobs will vanish once the construction is done. How many people from Storey County are employed building the GigaFactory?
  • Again, words matter. Hypocrisy is defined as the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behaviour does not conform. There is no hypocrisy here. I didn’t run for office. I didn’t commit perjury when I filed my complaint. In order for hypocrisy to occur, I would need to be guilty of the offence I am accusing Mr Thompson and Mr Gilman of.
  • Mr Thompson has filed public records to request every email from the Sheriff’s office that contained in the email Lance Gilman, Kris Thompson, Roger Norman and TRIC for the last ten years. Every email. Read. Printed. I wonder how much money that cost the good taxpayers. Actual hypocrisy.
  • Mr Thompson has requested Storey County Sheriff Office incident reports in the proximity of Mustang Ranch for the last ten years to determine if the Sheriff’s Office is conducting systematic harassment of Mustang Ranch patrons (Incidents dropped from the days of Sheriff Miller under Sheriff Antinoro). I wonder how big the massive amounts of payroll, time and expense went into these vendettas? More hypocrisy.
  • I didn’t have a shred of glee when I filed my report. Disgust was closer to my sentiment.
  • In my complaint, I am providing facts that reveal the criminal act of lying to the State of Nevada and We The People of Storey County. I insist elected officials follow the law. If that “gets” or “hurts” Mr Thompson or Mr Gilman, I rest my case…

If Mr Thompson would care to debate the above facts, I double dog dare him to.

But since his vow of silence has been once again sworn, the facts can stand.

Sam Toll – Editor



If you insist on spewing your propaganda, at least attempt to get your facts right. You chastise up/down/left and right about incorrect facts posted on here but you are the worst about posting untruths. Virtually everything you posted below is incorrect in one way or another but since you’ve been doing it since day one on this Chat Group…most of the readers know better. Keep up your asinine posts, they worked extremely well during the recall. 

Jay Carmona


Kris, with all due respect, here is my concern:
During the recall, the subject of your “residence” came up.  It has come up again and it is alleged that the home address you’ve provided is not a residence or even zoned residential.  If this is true, how can I, or anyone, believe what you say?  For me, this issue has raised a huge red flag toward your credibility.  Can you assure me that you and Mr. Gilman actually are roommates and that the address you supplied as your residence is, in fact; 1) your home 2) legally zoned for a residence?
I am not part of some “cabal” or “tin-foil hat” group.  I am not playing some gotcha game.  I am a Storey county resident asking you a sincere question.  I would like to believe you but if the allegations prove true, you will have no credibility with me.
Thank you for considering my post.
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  1. Keep up the good work!! If Gilman won the election by lying (fraud) about his legal residence, I would think this would negate his ‘win’.
    As a long time resident of Storey County, I am so fed up with the lies & corruption. Something has got to change!!

  2. Sam, you would think that a tax-cheating, disbarred lawyer from California would have a little humility, but I guess that takes some character. I’ll give him credit for grande cajones, though.

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