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TRIC Executive Shoves Foot in Mouth – The Storey Teller Helps.

Mustang Brothel Resident and TRIC Executive Kris Thompson recently ripped Nicole Barde’s coverage of the September 19th Storey County Commissioners Meeting (which you can read here) as “dishonest”. Ms. Barde is fully capable of defending herself so rather than taking umbrage with Mr. Thompson’s dirty pool with her, I chose to rip apart his “facts”.

I will be pushing a piece this weekend with my take on the Meeting (probably in three parts) but I thought I would share the commentary in case readers of the Teller don’t subscribe to the Virginia City Highlands email chat group. I first present Mr. Thompson’s tripe, then follow it with my own.


This will respond to Ms. Barde.
Ms. Barde’s summary is completely dishonest.
I hope the readers know by now that what Ms. Barde says in her summary has no connection to the truth of what actually happens at the meetings.
First off, her claims are contradictory.  Her first claim is that the “fix is in” between TRI and the County government because there was a very small land reconveyance.  But then she criticizes Lance because he has not yet been able to coerce the County into giving property owners a property tax rebate – eg so she is saying here that Lance doesn’t control the County?.  Well which is it????
The Tax Rebate issue is not dead.  Lance is pushing for it personally and I am as well.  The County government has had enough money to benefit senior employees with higher salaries and retirement buyouts and to increase County union pay and benefits.  Some of this perfectly appropriate of course.   For decades our County lagged behind others in employer salaries and benefits.  And it is a good thing it’s being fixed.  And lord knows the County employees work hard and are good and professional at what they do. But when I hear the argument that there isn’t any money, not one penny available, to reward residents, I have a hard time buying it.
The County has a number of options available here – There are legal ways to provide tax reductions for residents only, and the county has been given that concept.   The County has been told that rebates would be legal as well. And there are other options available.   There is a workshop scheduled for next month and I look forward to seeing what happens there.
The “free land giveaway” to TRI, is simply a reconveyance of very thin strip of land in a drainage area to allow an incoming business to put a slope there so their building pad is stable.  It’s called a slope easement.”  TRI is not charging the buyer for this strip of land.  TRI originally gave this land to the County free of charge. But this allows the County to charge taxes on the land to the incoming buyer.   So let’s summarize – right now, the land is doing nothing and the County does not make revenue from it.  After this transfer the County gets a new business on the land adjacent which will produce revenue and can gain property taxes.  It’s a no brainer.
Ms. Barde would love to see Storey County government turn into a new San Francisco.  She is a radical liberal.  Another Nancy Pelosi in the flesh.  She thinks business is the enemy.   She believes the government should be large and overbearing.  That the private sector should have to beg the government for action, that if a business needs action or services from the government that the business should be punished financially and pay through the nose for whatever they might need.  In her mind, there is no such thing as economic development, unless its the government grabbing more from the private sector.
If she had her way there would be no TRI.  No one would have ever made a deal on her terms.  Readers here will remember how she ranted that the Tesla deal was a terrible mistake, and that it never should have happened.  That would be news to the 5,000 workers that are today on site at the Gigafactory, and their families who are benefiting from those great jobs.
Can you imagine if someone like her was in a responsible position at the County.   Businesses thinking of coming to Storey County would have one meeting with her, where whatever they would be asking for would be nitpicked and nitpicked, and they would walk out the door, shake their head, and never come back.
Last, it’s remarkable at how Ms Barde can nitpick just about anything.  And with all that nitpicking, she never offers any real solutions or alternative approaches.  She doesn’t want solutions, she wants problems for her own personal gain politically.
Thanks for considering my post.
Kris Thompson


This will respond to Mr. Thompson.

While I can’t speak for Ms. Barde, I can tell you I am a principled conservative who looks at welfare recipients without small children to support with distaste.
Principled conservatives look at white collar welfare recipients like Tesla and TRIC, companies who can afford to pay their way but choose to freeload on taxpayer money, with venomous contempt.
Unlike the RINO’s in Storey County government and among the ranks of the band of merry TRICsters, genuine principled conservatives view the continued corporate welfare at TRIC, soon to eclipse $110 Million with the pipeline “deal”, with vile disgust.
My initial assessment of the remarkable Commissioner Meeting conducted in the Courthouse with a Million Dollar parking lot on September 19th, 2017 can be read here —> http://thestoreyteller.online/2017/09/21/storey-county-commissioners-meeting-report-nicole-barde/
I double dog dare you to compare me to Nancy “don’t know whats in it till we pass it” Pelosi.
The fix is in between Storey County Government and TRIC and has been for years.
Anyone paying attention sees this for what it is; as disgusting an example of collusion between government and business to benefit individual elected officials and the businesses at the expense of the Taxpayers anywhere in these United States.
Readers of this chat group will not need take your or my or Ms. Barde’s assessment of what went on at the Commissioners meeting but will get to hear you telling the commissioners that this “worthless” stripe of land is essential to cutting a real estate deal with an active buyer.
I like to use indisputable facts of what transpired to tell the story.
Stay Tuned.
As a taxpayer, I am delighted that you are conducting business at TRIC because at some point, once the abatements expire, Storey County perhaps may benefit one day.
But lets look at the latest land swindle err… reconveyance carefully:
If your proposed land deal is contingent on Storey County Taxpayers giving you the stripe of land, then that land is not worthless. It has value to you and to your client.
In the free market, something is worth only what someone else is willing to pay for it.
While you claim that you are not charging your client for the stripe of land, If you cannot close your pending deal without the stripe of land being part of the deal, it has value.
Having value, at the very least, giving the “worthless” stripe back to TRIC should incur a modest deduction from the $45 Million of developer improvements (corporate welfare) we somehow got snookered into owing you and your band of merry TRICsters.
Even if it’s only 5 bucks.
That is how a this principled conservative who looks at freeloaders and thieves of taxpayer money with disgust sees things.
For the readers information, here is what this stripe of land looks like:
TRIC LAnd Grab
Gerrymanderish Land Stripe
And now that Pat Whitten has the power to approve more corporate welfare and can add to the $45 Million dollar TRIC welfare account behind closed doors, I’ll bet you 5 bucks that the our debt to the TRICsters will double by the time Pat retires. My grandson is stoked.
Principled Conservatives fight waste, abuse and corruption with nuclear weapons, F-22’s, Tanks, grenade launchers, M60’s, Molotov cocktails, small arms fire, knives, sticks, stones and bare knuckles.
We certainly don’t lift our skirts every time some gladhanded TRICster wanders by looking for a place to sniff out taxpayer handouts.
Sam Toll – Editor
Proud Member of the Nevada Press Association
P.S. I want to play centerfield for the San Francisco Giants as much as Lance wants to deliver on his promised tax rebates, maybe more so. I’m giving odds on me getting on an Opening Day Lineup Card before Lance’s mythical Tax rebate check arrives in your mailbox.

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