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Fat Cat Cronyism Alive and Well in Storey County

How do the elite few maintain their control of the cash and the power in Storey County? Fatten the cats at the top of the food chain and keep actual competency from diluting the trough where we keep the Fat Cat food.

As we reported here, Storey County plans to install outgoing Fire Chief Gary Hames into a position he is unqualified to hold based on his lack of experience. County Taxpayers also paid at least $5000 for him to learn how to pass the test. A County Employee getting paid to take a prep test he needs to qualify for his private and indefinite contract. Are you freaking kidding me? Why in the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks didn’t we cover his business license indefinitely as well? After all, he is going to oversee the entire business licensing process. Why shouldn’t he get a free ride there too?

According to my sources, Hames couldn’t even decipher relevant portions of plans that he had to review as Fire Chief. He will now oversee plans for among other things the largest factory in the world.

He will also be hiring people to work beneath him. How does he even know what questions to ask to decide if the candidate is qualified?

What could possibly go wrong?

My sources also tell me that repeated questions of chain of command and union representation regarding a non-county employee directly supervising employees remain unanswered.

Pat Whitten thinks that placing a person with zero Community Development qualifications and paying him $11354.00 a month indefinitely is the best possible solution to replacing outgoing director of Community Development Dean Haymore. Makes you wonder who we will pay to do the actual work while Hames (hopefully) learns from them? And remember, he takes job as a private contractor so he can collect his $13,000 retirement at the same time.

Two scoops of happiness double dipped in cash? Awesome job Pat and Gary!

If you share County Manager Pat Whitten’s vision and recognize the sheer genius of this move to control the money and power at the top of the Fat Cat Heap, reach out to him and and our elected officials and let them know.

If you are sick of being force fed this BS day after day, let them know.

Either way, let the county leaders know how you feel.

If you remain silent, you give your implied consent with your silence and reinforce the delusion that the county leadership is acting in our best interests.

Staying silent makes you invisible. Don’t be invisible!

Pat Whitten – County Manager

  • pwhitten@storeycounty.org
  • 775-847-0968

Austin Osborne – Assistant County Manager, Human Resources Manager, Planning Director and whatever else Pat has him doing. Austin is perhaps the hardest working person in Storey County. Remind me why the planning director isn’t working under this new contractor at the County Development Office?

  • aosborne@storeycounty.org
  • 775-847-0968

Marshall McBride – County Commissioner

  • mmcbride@storeycounty.org
  • 775-847-0968

Lance Gilman – Brothel Owner, TRIC executive and County Commissioner

  • lgilman@storeycounty.org
  • 775-847-0968

Jack McGuffey

  • jmcguffey@storeycounty.org
  • 775-847-0968


Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. This is so exciting! I work for the county and I can’t wait to retire and start really earning my retirement through my very own “no bid contract”!
    Seriously, Mr. Toll, does this apply to every county employee? Because honestly, I’m looking forward to stealing people’s money too.

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