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30 Reasons to Retain our Sheriff (or not)

A reader suggested we run a section dedicated to reasons to retain the Sheriff. They submitted the first one. If you have one you would like to submit, do so via email at editor@thestoreyteller.online. If you have a reason he should not be retained, send it along. We all benefit from Free Speech and the sharing of ideas.

Reasons to Retain our Sheriff #1

1. Vote “NO” because you don’t want the County Commissioners to choose the next Sheriff. You can choose your next Sheriff in a year and a half, in the next regularly scheduled election; but in this recall you will only be deciding whether or not to recall Sheriff Antinoro.

Think about it, what if the Commissioners choose someone you don’t support, they will have a distinct advantage in the next election as an incumbent  (they’ll only serve until that office is decided again in 2018 and the new Sheriff sworn in). Also, we wrote that “the Commissioners” will choose the Sheriff if the recall is successful, but we all know that “the Commissioners” are really Lance Gilman, Roger Norman, and Kris Thompson; McBride and McGuffy will rubber-stamp whomever they choose.

A “NO” vote is your voice, that you DON’T want a dictatorship in Storey County.

If you have a reason to or not to Retain Sheriff Antinoro, send it in and let’s talk about it.

Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Reasons to Retain our Sheriff #2
    Vote “NO” to demonstrate to the King of TRIC who likely funded this recall that in spite of his money, nodding bobble headed other County Commissioners, and the constant slurs & misrepresentations of his multiple convicted DUI disbarred henchman that not everyone in this county can be bought and sold to enhance his business interests and salve his bruised ego. Sheriff Antinoro is literally being destroyed for having the audacity to do his job and he deserves our continued support…VOTE NO!!!

  2. How true Sam… The Main Man Gilman, has always wanted to get rid of our Sheriff..Why? Because he was doing the job elected to do, like keeping track of Lance’s Brothel. Always has been againt Jerry from the start.. Lance funded the campaign for Mehan, and boy Lance would have been really happy with him.. Just the kind of Sheriff our Great County needed….. Keep Jerry until election next year and then bring on the compitition…

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