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Storey County Commission Meeting Gets Personal

The Storey County Commission Meeting Soap Opera Gets Personal In the latest episode of the Storey County Commission Meeting, there were a few things of interest. The crony lease deal with Pat Whitten’s former and Austin Osborne’s current secretary and naming Marshall McBride as NDOT hero were notable. Jen Chapman …

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4 Day School Week In Storey County?

4 day school week

Storey County could join other school districts around Nevada and adopt a 4 day school week. This idea is in the formative stages and might get a parent or two to actually show up at a school board meeting. The most recent post from bardeblog.com updates us on all things …

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June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting – Bardeblog.com

June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting

June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting Nicole Barde posted her report on the Tuesday, June 5th Storey County Commissioner Meeting. As usual, Ms. Barde provides her reporting on the meeting and her commentary on the happenings.  This installment includes great news from Jana Seddon who invested a little and generated …

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Commissioners Meeting May 2nd – Deja vu all over again

Storey Count Seal

This recap of the Storey County Commissioner Meeting is from Nicole Barde of  bardeblog.com. Looks like Mike “Mission Critical” Nevin presence is so essential to county governance that he can’t be allowed to retire. He just signed a no bid contract that nets him $4500.00 a month. Um… Jason Van …

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