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4 day school week

4 Day School Week In Storey County?

Storey County could join other school districts around Nevada and adopt a 4 day school week. This idea is in the formative stages and might get a parent or two to actually show up at a school board meeting.

The most recent post from bardeblog.com updates us on all things school board. Filed by the ever diligent Sharon Snell. HIghlights include:

  • Todd Hess has the District in much better financial shape than Robert Slaby left it. The audit was positive and it’s likely that the Organizations representing both Certificated and Classified staff will be able to negotiate some kinds of raise. That hasn’t happened in about 3, maybe 4 years.
  • School buses will be getting Wifi! The first route in the plan is the Lockwood bus. Those students have such a long ride. Pretty exciting news!
  • Coming soon, the beginning of a “hot button” topic in concept phase only at this time. A 4 day school week! It seems that a number of rural School Districts in Nevada are trying this out. Todd outlined some of the advantages earlier this month. Interesting idea! It’s bound to stir a lot of controversy! All stakeholders will have an opportunity to chime in soon.

Read the entire post on bardeblog.com by clicking here.

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