Bush League

Douglas vs. Storey; Big League vs. Bush League

Brothel and TRICster spokesman Kris Thompson took umbrage with my (and Nicole Barde’s) public comment on the Gary Hames Contract item at the Commissioners meeting on June 6th. In her blog (which can be read here) Nicole points out that Kris (a master of deflection), suggested that somehow, because Nicole …

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Mad Props to VC High’s Valedictorian Sam Strahan

Congratulations to Sam Strahan, Virginia City High School 2017 valedictorian. He received a $250 scholarship from the Fraternal Order of Eagles AERIE 523 and $1,000 from the Storey County GOP , presented by Aerie president and SCRCC chairman Durward Hindle. Sam also received a scholarship of $1,864 from E Clampus …

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Storey Teller Episode Four

Sheirff Antinoro discusses Body Cams and County Safety

In this episode of the Storey Teller Podcast, Sheriff Antinoro and I discuss pending legislation that will require body cameras on all law enforcement personnel, Adequate Personnel coverage in the North and South ends of the county and Open Containers of Marijuana. I had some technical difficulties that made the …

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SCSO Incident Report

SCSO Incident Report May 15th – 21st

*=========================================== 01:27 Property Check (Residential/Vacation) MAy 15th, 2017 0001 Officer initiated activity at Sewer Plant, Milan, Virginia City. . Disposition: Property Checks OK. *=========================================== 06:40 ALARM BURG/PANIC/VEHICLE MAy 15th, 2017 0003 Occurred at Laborers Training Center on Wild Horse Canyon Dr. , McCarran. DOOR HALL 110/1 HIT – REF – …

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Planet Earth

Fragile Jewels of the Earth

Please join us as Silver City resident Karen Kreyeski unveils her show, Fragile Jewels of the Earth, on Friday, June 2, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Light refreshments will be served.Karen Kreyeski, a Montana native, learned to love Nevada the first time she swam in the ice cool blue waters of …

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Mental Institution(al) Knowledge

Readers of the BardeBlog may have noticed in the second to last edition (read it here) that the return of the zombie apocalypse is gathering by the Fourth Ward preparing to parade down C Street. Two lifelong members of the Storey County Payroll club are “retiring” on June 30, 2017. …

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