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Stand Against Corruption – Part Two

As we mentioned in Part One of this series, Pat Whitten was indignant about the term “Stand Against Corruption” in a recent copy of the local newsprint fish wrap. I couldn’t help but chuckle about his insistence that the County of Storey has the whitest whites and the brightest colors …

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Editorial – Stand Against Corruption, Part One

After reading  a Storey County Manager Pat Whitten protest the use of the phrase “Stand Against Corruption” in the local fish wrap (the Comstock Virginia Chronicle City News), I couldn’t help but think about that line from Macbeth about thine protest of innocence. He was offended that anyone would call …

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What’s Going On – bardeblog.com

Nicole Barde reports on the latest Storey County Commissioners Meeting. Read her assessment of the meeting here. Her Preamble is noteworthy and reprinted here with permission:   PLEASE VOTE IN THE RECALL ELECTION…….WHETHER YOU VOTE TO RECALL, NOT TO RECALL, OR TO KEEP 3 PEOPLE (REALLY JUST ONE) FROM APPOINTING …

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When Equal Access Means Zero Access for All

There is irrational comfort taken in the belief that man-made laws somehow ensure equality for all. More often than not, the exact opposite is true. Within the next week, UC Berkeley will be forced to remove over 20,000 lectures, videos, and other digital documents from its free online library. While …

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Obamacare Repeal and Replace Needn’t Be Complicated

The Republicans have a problem. Healthcare prices are so swollen by government imposed monopolies that most people cannot possibly afford to pay the crazy bills without subsidies. What to do? Example: my son recently went to an out-of-state emergency room for food poisoning. The bill came in at over $8,000. …

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Obamacare and Dodd-Frank Have the Same Fatal Flaw

By Kevin Villani  of the Foundation for Economic Education The current partisan war over the Dodd-Frank Act is just one dispute in a broader ideological divide about the government’s role in industry. This dispute, which has deep historical roots, includes a similar battle over Obamacare. The common disagreement at issue …

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