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Free Cooking Class In Dayton

Healthy Communities hosts a free cooking class and dinner each month at the Dayton Community Center.

This month: Monday, Jan. 22 at 5:30. During the 2018 cooking classes, dietitian Kim Mason and chef Cynthia Kroon will focus on Nutrition and the Brain in a series they’re calling Mood and Food.

The first cooking class of the new year will include helpful tips on “Improving Memory Through How You Eat.” During this month’s demonstration, attendees will learn how to make Tuna Patties; Yellow Potato Baked Fries; Lemony Dijon Green Beans; and Apple Dessert with Oatmeal.

Participants will also receive printed handouts on “The Brain and Nutrition” and “Keeping a Healthy Brain – What Your Brain Needs” and Kim will explain the affects of advanced glycation end products. Click or tap here for more details.

Keep Free Speech Alive

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