Monthly Archives: November 2017

Irrelevant – The Sunday Word Of The Day

As a practicing writer, I like words. I have been interested in the meaning of words and their origins, phrases and the flavor of semantics since I started reading. Words have meaning. When used thoughtfully, words can inspire or make you smile or frown. In short, words, and their use, …

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Adam Laxalt visits Virginia City

Storey County hosted freshly minted Gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt as he made us one of his 17 stops in a whirlwind tour across Nevada this past Monday. The Red Dog Saloon was packed with supporters and members of the community as Adam Laxalt shared his vision of Nevada’s future with …

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Storey County Taxable Sales Drop 47%

Last week I donated a couple hundred bucks to the Hayek Group to help them work to improve High School student financial literacy in Northern Nevada while playing golf at Arrow Creek. After the round we had dinner and one of my table-mates told me he was considering moving to …

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Spring Forward

Storey County 2018 – Spring Forward or Fall Back?

Daylight savings time happened this past Sunday morning. As we settle into the new rigors of this nonsensical government mandated time/space continuum adjustment of the days getting darker earlier, I can’t help thinking about what things will look like for Storey County and Nevada a year from now. When we …

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