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The Teller Responds To Accusations Of Lying

In a recent tirade on the Virginia City Highlands Chat Group, TRIC Employee Kris Thompson accused me of lying in an article (which you can read here) that took TRIC to task on requesting the good people of Storey County to underwrite a $35 Million Dollar effluent pipeline that will allow TRIC to sell “liquid gold” to TRIC tenants.

While my piece took the position that the residents of Storey County should no longer give money, loan money or send future tax revenues to TRIC Executive, Brothel Owner and Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman, I use the facts to form the basis of my thesis. When I research my articles, I use actual audio and contact the County to obtain Public Records. Since I started The Teller I have contacted the County with Public Records requests numerous times. Some have been filled, some have not.

Mr. Thompson called me an anti-business activist and a flat out liar.

Referring to investigative journalism and the honest efforts to report the facts as lies is a classic ploy to discredit that work. I will continue to reveal what is going on in this county with facts. I fully expect the folks who would like those facts to remain hidden to continue to discredit this work.

I responded to these accusations with the notion that I am 100% pro-business, a principled conservative and someone who sees businesses as needing to rely on the savvy of their founders and the success of their business plans and execution. They need to survive without the advantage of taxpayer dollars.

I also invited Mr. Thompson to point out to me and the citizens of Storey County anywhere in my piece the use of deliberate lying and/or disinformation so I could correct and accurately report facts which is the purpose of The Teller. To date I have not heard from him.

In an effort to show that the Storey Teller reported accurate facts, I am including the audio of the Storey County Commissioner Meeting of August 1, 2017 so folks can hear for themselves the actual words being spoken. In addition, public comment from myself, fellow “activist” Nicole Barde and Mr. Thompson are also included so the uncensored audio allows you to hear for yourself what the actual facts are and fact check me, if you are interested.

To see the handout that was discussed, click here.

Listen to the Audio of the Workshop here:

The audio of the presentation made by Jeremy Aguero of Las Vegas consulting firm Applied Analysis can be heard here (46 minutes):

Ms. Barde Public Comment (8 minutes):

Sam Toll Public Comment (9 minutes):

Kris Thompson Public Comment (5 minutes):



Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Would you be interested in doing a story on District Attorney Anne Langer? Anne Langer was a juror on my innocent brother’s 1989 trial for armed robbery sexual assault. It was Anne Langer who would tell me what it was that convicted Nolan Klein. The jury misunderstood what they thought they heard. It should be noted that the jury was deadlocked. They requested from the judge Charles McGee to have the testimony of 2 defense witness to be read back. The judge said it would take to long and cost to much money to have both defense witnesses testimony read back. The judge gave them only one, Bill Richards. Bill Richards is a sergeant with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and he stands by his testimony that he and Nolan were in Carson City during the time the crime was being committed in Sparks.

    Nolan Klein spent 21 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. After Nolan died the Sparks PD prime suspect Mr. Zarksy, that the DA hid from the defense was located. Mr. Zarsky had knowledge of the 4 crimes. Nolan was not charged with 4 crimes, only 1, because the prosecutor had hid the evidence that the Sparks PD theory was that Zarsky all 4 crimes. T’he victims from the 3 other crimes had cleared Nolan.

    The positive Id from the May 9, 1988 crime came from a tainted photo line up that was shown to the victim by Det. Sherman Boxx, who is now running for Washoe County Sheriff. That photo lineup array is no longer being used throughout the country because it has led to wrongful convictions.

    Our non fiction book To Prove His Innocence was released in December 2016 with all of the new developments. These developments include Judge Brent Adams ordering District Attorney Dick Gammick to turn over the DNA test results and the entire file in the Nolan Klein case. W’hen the file was turned over the handwritten notes of the prosecuting attorney Ron Rachow had shown that he had defied a 1989 Court order from Judge Peter Breeen to turn over all of the evidence in Nolan Klein’s case. The file contained over 220 documents, including the exculpatory evidence that would have exonerated Nolan Klein. Mr. Rachow had only presented 20 exhibits at trial he withheld all of the exculpatory evidence. As Mr. Klein’s attorney was getting ready to file the motions for new trial and bail, Mr. Klein died in prison.

    Check out my FB timeline and you will see the evidence that was withheld from the jury. I contacted Anne Langer years ago. I provided with the evidence that was hidden from the defense and jury. Years later I would personally take my letter in to her office, and it was directly handed to her in front of me. Never heard a word.

    It you would like to read our non fiction book To Prove His Innocence I could email it to you. Many names you will recognize.

    Here is the letter that Anne Langer personally received.
    “September 29, 2014

    Dear Deputy District Attorney Anne Langer,

    I am asking for your assistance to correct and injustice that had been perpetrated by the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office when the prosecuting attorney Mr. Ronald Rachow withheld the exculpatory evidence that supported Mr. Klein’s defense mistaken identity, and the Sparks Police Department theory that Mr. Zarsky was responsible for the Payless Shoe Store Crime and 3 other crimes that were hidden from the defense and you.

    During January 23- 27, 1989 you were one on Mr. Nolan Klein’s jurors. On January 26, 1989 the jury informed the Court that the Jury was deadlocked and could not reach a decision until they heard two defense witnesses testimony read back, Mr. William Richards and Ms. Barbara Hillman.
    The presiding judge, Judge Charles McGee, stated it would take too long to have both testimonies read back and Order the jury to pick one. The Jury picked Mr. Richards testimony to be read back. Ms. Hillman’s testimony had been read back had it been it would have supported Mr. Richards testimony that Mr. Klein was in Jack’s bar in Carson City from the time her shift began until after 9:00 pm. The crime at 9:15 pm in Sparks, Nevada.

    On January 27, 1989 the jury came back with a guilty verdict against Mr. Klein for the 1988 armed robbery and sexual assault. Mr. Klein along with all of the defenses witnesses at his trial maintained Mr. Klein’s innocence. Mr. Richards later went on to become a Carson City Deputy Sheriff is still employed there. Mr. Richards still maintains that Mr. Klein was with him at Jack’s Bar in Carson City during the time the armed robbery and rape was being committed at Payless Shoe Store in Sparks, NV.
    Mr. Klein passed away on September 20, 2009 still maintaining his innocence and fighting his conviction that was on Appeal pending his death. Just prior to Mr. Klein’s death the Honorable Judge Brent Adams Ordered District Attorney Richard Gammick to turn over the DNA test results that he had admitted that the District Attorney’s Office sometime after trial and before 1995 opened up and tested the exculpatory evidence. All of this was hidden from the Mr. Klein and his attorney’s.

    Mr. Gammick’s omission resulted in opening up the door to Mr. Klein’s entire file and the DNA test results that Mr. Gammick admitted to testing. When Mr. Klein’s file was turned over there over 200 documents, mostly exculpatory, and hidden from the defense and jury that would have supported Mr. Klein’s witnesses and defense of a case of mistaken Identity. In the file was prosecuting attorney Ronald Rachow’s handwritten notes stating he was going to defy Judge Peter Breen’s November 1988 Court Order to turn over all of the evidence and he did. As Mr. Klein’s attorneys were getting ready to file Motions for New Trial and Bail, Mr. Klein passed away.

    I have attached the State’s Evidence list that was submitted to the jury, you. During Mr. Klein’s trial ADA Ronald Rachow presented to the jury only 20 exhibits out of in excess of 200 documents. These documents pertained to the Sparks Police Departments prime suspect, Mr. Zarksy, attached. and the victims from the 3 other crimes that were all hidden from you. Those victims cleared Mr. Klein. Including the victim from April 21, 1988 where that victim described the knife as Red and Black, the same the victims from the Payless Shoe store described the suspect used that was also hidden from the defense and the jury, you.

    In 2010 I filed a Writ of Mandamus in Washoe County. Attached. It was appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court and a they rendered a decision I could not practice law without a license, attached.
    In 2011 Mr. Klein’s attorney’s filed a Petition for Exoneration, attached. The Nevada Supreme Court dismissed the Petition for Exoneration because they lack jurisdiction and Nevada Laws to grant Petitions for Exonerations. Attached.

    After Mr. Klein’s attorneys filed their Petition for Exoneration I hired a Private Investigator to locate Mr. Zarksy. Mr. Zarsky was located in another state and wanted to speak to him. In November I drove to his location and had the opportunity to listen to what he had to say. He acknowledged that he knew he was the suspect in the Payless Shoe Store crime for which you convicted Mr. Klein of. He also acknowledge that he knew he was the suspect in the 3 other crimes as well. This all hidden from the defense and jury.

    In 2010 my attorney’s filed a wrongful death suit against the Nevada Department of Corrections for lack of medical care Mr. Klein received. Mr. Klein learned of the newly discovered evidence that would have exonerated him just prior to his death. However, during the Discovery of the wrongful death suit I discovered false information contained within the NDOC files that were disseminated to the 2007 Parole Board and to the 2008 Pardons Board where Mr. Klein was appearing for a Compassionate Release Pardon. Mr. Klein was denied a Compassionate Release Pardon and died 11 months later in prison.

    In 2012 the Estate of Mr. Nolan Klein reached a Settlement Agreement in the wrongful death suit against the State of Nevada. As part of the Settlement Agreement the I could exonerate Mr. Klein’s name from the false information that was contained within the NDOC files and were disseminated to the 2007 Parole Board and 2008 Pardons Board. After the Settlement Agreement was made the State of Nevada Breached the Settlement Agreement and a trial date has been set for April 6 & 8 2015.
    This information is still contained within the NDOC files, 2007 Parole Board files and the 2008 Pardons Board files. This has now precluded me from seeking a Posthumous Pardons for Mr. Klein’s 1989 wrongful conviction, because, two of the Defendants named in the Breach of Settlement Agreement sit on the Pardons Board

    In the meantime I plan in the future on seeking a Posthumous Pardon in the future for Mr. Klein and would appreciate letter from you in support of granting Mr. Klein as Posthumous Pardon based on the information I have provided to you.

    If you now believe that based on this newly discovered evidence that you would have found Mr. Klein NOT GUILTY of the crime for which you convicted of him of I would like for you to write a letter in support of a Posthumous Pardon for Mr. Klein as soon possible.

    Please feel free to check out the Courts for the Exhibits I submitted in the Writ of Mandamus. Google Tonja Brown Ron Rachow and view the video of his handwritten notes on our 1988 Motion for Discovery defying a court order to turn over all of the evidence.
    In the meantime, my book “To Prove His Innocence” is being updated and entitled “To Prove His Innocence, A Sister’s Love” with all the new developments and will be released immediately after the April 2015 Breach of Settlement Agreement trial.

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