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Lockwood Cleanup Day. Community comes together to Fill Dumpsters and enjoy a potluck BBQ

We had the chance to visit Lockwood today and help the residents do a little spring cleaning and enjoy food and cheer with the Lockwood community.

“Every year we get together as a community and clean the stuff that has managed to accumulate during the past year. With the fees on the rise at the landfill, folks will dump their big stuff up the canyon because they just don’t have the cash. Since we take pride in our community, we come together as a community and pick the garbage up.” explained Lockwood resident Andrew Poh.

The rolloff dumpsters are provided free of charge by nearby Waste Management as a community service and all the residents appreciate the use of them. By noon, both dumpsters were full. Washing machines, electric stoves, hot water heaters, tree limbs, pallets and all sorts of other debris were fodder for the landfill.

A hearty thank you goes out to the good neighbors of Waste Management for this valuable gesture.


Members of the community got together once the dumpsters were full and brought a contribution to the community potluck. Burgers and Dogs adorned with 5 different salads and some spicy homemade pickles made for some good eating. During the potluck I was introduced to  Lockwood Community Corporation board members Eric Neff, Allen McKenzie, Tom Minkler and Ralph Trotter. Conversation bounced between the long winter “you can’t plant until the snow is gone off Mt. Peavine.” to what the community could have done with all the money tossed into the Sheriff Recall. “Look around here and you can see from where we are sitting some great places to use that money. Instead is just beat our community in the head.” one resident was overheard saying.

After the fun I stopped to take a few pictures of a spot where that money could have done the community a lot more good than the mud it drug the entire community through.











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Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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