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Sheriff Antinoro Admits He was Wrong.

In numerous instances I’ve seen articles where both Team Recall and Melanie Keener herself have criticized Sheriff Antinoro by stating that he has never apologized for what Keener viewed and reported as harassment. This is not true. He has apologized and he did so publicly.

A great deal of time may be spent explaining, criticizing, defending and examining the dynamic of the friendship and events which transpired until that point in time when something changed and conversation/banter that was previously acceptable was no longer so. We can point fingers at Keener for allowing or participating. We can point fingers at Antinoro and say, “He should have known better.” And that is true. Regardless of the bond of friendship he may have developed over the years outside work with both Keener and her husband, Keener was nonetheless a subordinate employee and Antinoro should have never allowed such a casual friendship to evolve. Easy to say. Not so easy to put into practice. I know a great many people who are good friends outside the work place. These people are also exposing themselves to future possible charges.

For whatever part he may have played in the misunderstanding that led to Keener’s charge of harassment, Sheriff Antinoro publicly apologized in the September 23, 2016, edition of the Comstock Chronicle. An excerpt from his Letter to the Editor is below:

Finally, let me speak to the allegations of harassment. I considered Ms. Keener a friend, a confidant, and “one of the guys.” I felt the nature of our relationship supported such conversation and banter. I regret that I misjudged our relationship and was unaware of her feelings. Had she let me know, I would have certainly corrected the situation. I apologize to her and her husband for my lapse in judgement and any discomfort it may have caused them. Because this is an ongoing matter and out of respect for Ms. Keener, I will not comment further on this matter.

I am impressed by the strength of character which allows a man, when he realizes he may have made a mistake, to admit such. And to admit to a mistake in public, that is even more impressive.

Not only has Sheriff Antinoro admitted to a lapse in judgement but he also apologized to both Keener and her husband and did so publicly in the Storey County newspaper. When he’s wrong, he admits it.

Sheriff Antinoro HAS apologized. He did so in September 2016. Statements issued to the contrary by Keener and Team Recall are false and misleading.

 Las Swanson 4/10/17


Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

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