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Letter to the Editor – Recall Expenses top $ 160,000

The second Recall Contributions and Expenses Report has come out.  After the shock of learning of the massive amounts of money being spent from the first report, this report has no big surprises.

It is odd that Gilman and Thompson both continue to use the 56 Wild Horse Canyon address.  On Thompson’s financial report with the Secretary of State, he uses USA Parkway.  And this is not Gilman’s registered voting address.

Gilman has also personally added ten grand in just the last week!  All on mailers!  He now has a 10% financial personal stake in this recall.  The total to date spent is now $160,775; of this $16,840 is directly from Mr. Gilman.  Mr. Thompson spent $8,858.

TRI is the primary funding source for this Recall, spending over $135,000 or 84%.  What return do they expect on this substantial investment?  

TRI has provided roughly $50,000 in legal services and over $80,000 in consulting, which I believe was for the hired signature gatherers.  If these expenses have been for the good of community, what other projects have they spent five or six figure sums on annually for our community before?  Does TRI care about the community, or are they just willing to spend vast sums of money to influence the voters?  And why do they want to influence us?  Just something to think about, as this huge influx of money swirls around.

What is the general public’s financial contribution?  A meager $20, or .01%.  This recall has no apparent financial support from the community.  It is being funded by a corporation and two individuals connected to it.

If a person does not meet with the approval of TRI, how could they possibly fund a campaign to run in an election against an opponent that could be funded so generously?  Is this what our future elections will entail?  TRI is showing that it has tremendous funds to spend to promote their interest and the interest of management.  A bit scary, IMO.

This Recall effort has spent more money than any election campaign in Storey County.  $15,000 was spent on the last election by the sheriff, which was perhaps a record at that time.  The recall spending is over ten times as much.  

Truly, how much is a sheriff worth?  How much is an elected official worth?

Please make sure that you vote.

Kay Dean

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About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. The following was submitted in response to the recent RGJ story:
    UNINVOLVED??? 99.9% false.
    Per this article:
    – “Gilman has repeatedlystated he was not involved in the recall effort.”
    – “Other than the fact that I put some money into signs and matters and things, I’m not involved.”
    – “Thompson described the speculation of Gilman’s involvement as ‘urban legend’.”

    Per recall reports required by the Secretary of State, TRIC owned largely by Gilman and Norman, TRIC employee and Gilman co-habitor Thompson, Gilman, and Norman have funded in excess of 99.9% of the more than $150.000 recall expenses to date. I guess involvement requires 100%. 99.9%+ only rates urban legend status.

    Your article is missing the real story. This issue is about the attempt of one man to totally control Storey County. FOLLOW THE MONEY

  2. One other thought…google earth shows 56 Wild Canyon Drive to be a semi vacant lot with a few large trucks parked and various sundry items stored in the open. There is no living facility anywhere on the property. I do not know how recent the image is so
    it is possible this has changed but it does make one wonder.

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