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Stand Against Corruption – Part 4 – Scathing Letter to the Editor.

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Recall Fiction,

I would like to talk about commissioners, politicians, county employees and the Sheriff. When it comes to this county I have witnessed more than I would like to admit the sheriff seems to be the only official that doesn’t have a hidden agenda or some level of corruption.

I would like to give you some examples of the kind of things that go on around here starting with a possible truth on sexual harassment and a suspicious death.

Let me throw out a theory for you all to hash over and you decide if it makes sense. It begins with a death in the county, because of the circumstances an investigator responds, completes the

investigation and forms an opinion including an initial cause of death. With an election on the horizon issues and allegations of a “botched investigation” come to light, these are most likely prompted by a “carpet baggers” own ambition to sway some votes away from the sheriff to improve his chances on taking the Sheriff’s job. After these constant allegations aired out in the community and local media the pressure becomes overwhelming to the investigator. Allegations that items may have been overlooked someone may have made a mistake, who will be held responsible the sheriff, the investigator? WHO???? The investigator goes into self preservation

mode and with the help of team anti-sheriff a plan is put into place. The investigator feels that if people are made to believe that the Sheriff made comments that where offensive and causing them discomfort and they can portray them self as a VICTIM it will surely protect them from any consequences or repercussions from failing to do their job properly.

Now let’s look at the group of paid out terminated sheriff’s office employees, the first is a police officer who swore to protect the law then went out drinking with an 18-year-old kid, got pulled over and arrested for DWI. The employee is terminated and regardless of the conviction, reckless, due care, it was still a violation of law the same law the officer swore to enforce and abide by. In this case it’s all okay because even though the human resources’ director and the county management agreed to the termination it was decided not to stand their ground when the employee cried, it was better to pay them 40k of your tax dollars so they would go away.

Then you have the other guy, you know the one whose campaign was financially supported by the commissioner… Apparently he does something bad at his job, who knows maybe everything, we will not go into details but it was enough for the Sheriff, human resources director and the county management to agree to let him go. And again when push came to shove the check book came out and 99k of your tax dollars went swiftly into his account.

So now I am confused the sheriff requested termination, human resources and county management agreed and then the county pays out your tax dollars. I count at least three different players in this decision and only one is painted as a bad guy?

Let’s look at the sheriff’s budget and over spending, my guess is that must have occurred when the sheriff’s department, district attorney and the court moved from the trailer park at the jail to the new locations at the Court house and C Street. Maybe the cost of the building was a little expensive, if the District Attorney and the Sheriff would have held out a little while longer they could have got a great deal on a bank building.

Now I would like to talk about your tax dollars, let’s start with the real estate guru-commissioner-business owner-pimp and self proclaimed county savior who I can only assume makes tens of thousands of dollars a month. Even with that level of income he apparently is owed by you (the tax payers) the honor and privilege of driving a vehicle purchased by and for your county for his own personal business like it was his own. On top of that I hear if you pay really close attention you can even see him drive it from his small apartment at the brothel that at last count at least 3 registered voters live in (tight quarters) to his HOME in Reno. Who knows, I bet his former lawyer roommate friend probably hitches a ride, might as well it’s on the tax payer’s buck…

Then let’s touch on the good old boy land deals, parking lots, bank buildings, dirt around jails. My friends your tax dollars are spent on only the best investments, thus far the county has purchased a building from the county manager and a parking lot from a commissioner. Oh and even though you paid for it with your tax dollars you better have your 5 dollars ready to pay to park in that parking lot when the (comp) is doing a school fundraiser. Do you all remember when Miss Barde had to track down the highlands park money because the commissioners lost it??? They had no problem finding YOUR money to pay for this useless stuff.

Now let’s talk about the special deals for special people. Do you need free RV storage??? Look no further than public works and the fire department, as long as you were a fire chief or public works director (or both) you get lifetime free parking.

So with all this fabulous BS that you have just read that is obviously fiction? I recommend you think very strongly about everything before you support a recall, think about why this recall exists and who is behind it. The good and evil. What has the sheriff done to you personally? Do you really want the only person that seems to be pushing this county in the right direction to be gone?

If you are done with the propaganda do your own research, find the facts, do not be another puppet.


Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. Even More Ticked Off

    Let’s not forget that the unnamed investigator was one of 3 people that had a copy of the leaked report. No I don’t mean the harassment claim, although I’m seeing a pattern here, I mean the autopsy report that hit the news the next day.
    Perhaps investigators need to look into the way she handled cases.
    Oh that’s right, she’s now a security guard for $88,000 of our tax dollars for Team Storey.
    I wonder what other confidential information she has that she will release next.

  2. Thank you for this.

  3. Let’s talk about that deputy with the initials S.M., you know, the one who ran for Sheriff? Know why he was terminated? Well, in uniform, while on the clock, he barged into the bedroom of a woman in Lockwood, sweeping aside her daughter (S.M. is well over 6′ tall), all in a huff to show her the Sparks Sheriff’s Report that came out in the last election. Remember that report? Filed by a woman outside of the statute of limitations, so she didn’t have to go to court & stand before the people she accused. That report was feloniously leaked, & S.M got his hands on it & went up & down “C” St. waving it like a flag, accosting anyone who would stand still for a second, shrieking that they MUST read it!!!! He did the same throughout the county & when he got to the woman in Lockwood’s house, her daughter answered the door. “You can’t see my mother. The funeral for her husband was today and she’s not well & is in bed. You can’t come in.” That didn’t stop S.M. He stepped by the daughter & went into the woman’s bedroom, unannounced, without permission, and began his tirade against Antinoro. The woman filed a complaint, & that’s what probably got Mahan terminated, with a $99K “Good Bye” check from all of us. Oh, and then he & his wife went to work for Gilman. Cozy, huh?

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